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Image Courtesy of Hubero Kororo

Guest Contribution by Doya Karolini

A few years back we had hosted a piece on a composition of drawers collected from old office furniture, called “Drawerment”, designed by Jaroslav JuΕ™ica. Surely you are now wondering, what this has to do with this fantastic cd cover on the picture. Well, hold that thought and just continue reading… A bell will ring shortly.
What is important now, is to explain who Uceroz is. It is a new music brand by Ivan Palacký, a musician playing an amplified knitting machine called Dopleta 160. The title "Uceroz" is nothing but an abbreviation, created from two Czech words: „UCEsán (kempt) and ROZcuchán (unkempt)“.


Recorded at Pappelallee 5 in Berlin, in 2006, mixed by Ivan Palacky in Brno a year later and finally, mastered by Toshimaru Nakamura in Tokyo, in October 2007, the cd (designed by Jaroslav JuΕ™ica –see, here it is, our old acquaintance- and Zuzana Lehutová) consists of two editions, where „kempt“ represents a smoother kind of musical expressiveness, while „unkempt“ tends to be more experimental.

Image Courtesy of Hubero Kororo

The first set of 5 CDs is published in „kempt“ edition, while the design of the cover also reflects this motif. Like when you are listening to this piece of music for the first time, being still untouched by the unique experience of Ivan Palacky´s peculiar performance with the help of Andrea Neumann (playing dismantled piano), and realize that even the album cover makes you feel like that.  After opening (by tearing off the seal), the outer minimalistic graphic of the snow-white package is irretrievably disturbed by a single dark stain, which turns to the colour of the inner content.

Image Courtesy of Hubero Kororo

While the graphic form of the edition is always constant, the colours vary. Depending on the technique of opening (like using a drill in order to create a peculiar mark) some patterns arise, which give each piece a certain uniqueness. Keep in mind that the inner mechanism is an authentic construction by Hubero Kororo and each set –no wonder, really- is limited in 60 handmade pieces.

design  Jaroslav JuΕ™ica (Hubero Kororo) / Zuzana Lehutová β€¨year  2009 β€¨material paper
dimensions 140 x 125 x 5 mm

Image Courtesy of Hubero Kororo

Image Courtesy of Hubero Kororo


Hubero Kororo , UCEROZ

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Hubero Kororo Design

About Hubero Kororo Design

Hubero Kororo Design Group was founded by students of industrial design in Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic, in spring 2005.  According to their philosophy , design is a medium able to comunicate with user. A product is not based only on a shape or a function. It has often ability to evolve users and tell something. Their focus is to realize their ideas in broader context. They are looking for a new relationships between the product and a user to move the board of design further from applied art to sociology and cultural context.  In this case, outcome doesn't have to be only a product but it can also be an idea or an action.  The title Hubero Kororo is also reaction against the existing trend, when many artists include terms such as "studio" or "design" in their names.

The Team
Rumburak (guru)
BcA. Jaroslav Juřica (product designer) / (photo)
BcA. Zuzana Lehutová (graphic designer)
BcA. Petr Korecký (product designer) - terminated the activity in 2008

[official website]
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