The Cut series

published in: Design By Guest, 22 April 2010

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photo by Kerstin Carlsson

Guest Contribution by Pascal Panagiotidis

It is remarkable when and where an idea may emerge in a designer’s mind. The circumstances under which an incentive can give birth to a new concept are usually related to everyone’s idiosyncrasy and experiences of a lifetime. Bearing this in mind it is not surprising that even a piece of paper, the material that any designer uses to illustrate his ideas, can be a source of inspiration as well.

photo by Kerstin Carlsson

The whole concept was inspired by the process during which a designer starts conceiving an idea and attempts to express it on the paper. It was the moment the designer started cutting simple paper models one after another in order to manage to visualize the concept when the idea emerged; the imperfection and fragility of the paper models was the source of inspiration for the three designers; Daniel Enoksson, Lucas E Hinnerud and Jens Boldt. The Cut Series is an attempt to apply this kind of aesthetics to a different material _ wood. Based on the outcome it has been a really successful attempt as the furniture reminds us of simple sheets of paper, solid enough to bear the objects someone will place on them.

photo by Kerstin Carlsson

The Cut Series is a collection of super thin furniture representing the paper models the designers were inspired from. Painting them in matte lacquer was the perfect finish, a touch which gives the illusion of paper and makes us wonder how this object can be a piece of furniture. The Cut Series consists of a cupboard, a bookcase and tables in various sizes.

Daniel Enoksson, Lucas E Hinnerud and Jens Boldt form a trio of individual designers based in Stockholm.  All three have graduated from Beckmans College of Design. That’s where they conceived the idea and started working on The Cut Series.


Daniel Enoksson

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