2d Xmas Gift-list by Yatzer

published in: Design By Costas Voyatzis, 22 November 2008

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1.Two Timer by Sam Hecht for Established & Sons 170,00€
2. Brush by Fredrikson Stallard 92,00€
3. Cacao pillow  44,00€
4. Molecule Dish - Small by Voonwong&Bensonsaw  65,00€
5. Multi Candle Pin by Sebastian Bergne 46,00€
6. Eat.SHop Guides by Kaie Wellman 18,00€
7. Everlasting adhesive-tape calendar by Laboratorium 7,50€
8. phonofone II , speaker for Ipod by Tristan Zimmermann 500,00€
9. gold doorstop by Arik Levy 81,00€
10. The Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture 160,00€
11. Elf candleholder 4,80€
12.sorapot-mirror polished by Joey Roth 250,00€
13. Panier percé by Guillaume Delvigne & Ionna Vautrin 136,00€
14. happy people glassware by Karim Rashid for Gaia & Gino from 20,00€

1st Xmas Gift-list (here)


follow the prices!

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    cheri | 2008-11-26 16:36:33

    Thank you Yatzer for listing a few of our products! Your lists are lovely and chock full of wonderful things. Happy Holidays!

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