A Shelter in Dubai

published in: Interiors By Costas Voyatzis, 14 February 2009

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Incubating Creativity in Al Qouz
The shelter is the first of its kind creative campus that allows different individuals in the creative field to engage in a creative environment. With Different core elements, the shelter aims to become a medium for those willing to transform their creative abilities into commercial services and products into society.

With the above mandate the following elements are the shelters core:

Ancillary facilities
The shelter will have other members facilities such as a store, cafe, movie nights, events, shows and much more to keep members engaged.

Office Spaces
With the support of du, the shelter is able to offer office space that will allow individuals to hire at a subsided rate. Within this subsidized monthly fee, the offices will include unlimited internet facilities, phone lines, meeting rooms, 24 hour access to offices, secretarial services, PRO services, classes, and evening activities as well as seminars.

Membership facilities
For those still uncommitted professionally for offices and are free lancers by nature, through subsidized membership the shelter will allow members to have access to a subsidized cafe, a library with a selection of 10,000 books, classes, seminars, events, study room, reading facilities, lounge area and other members facilities.

The shelter is committed to enhancing members creative qualities by engaging them in quarterly events, seminars, workshops, physical activities, and other community events.

The shelter will invest in a collection of books that will be the first of its kind in the region. The books will be a variety of collections from culture, art, architecture, design, educational, fiction and much more.

Lecture hall
The shelter will have an active lecture hall with different forms of classes widely available for members as well as non members.

For more information on the shelter please contact Saadia Zahid


shelter, Thanks to Rashid Shabib from brownbook magazine

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