A Tour Inside 'Morphos' Factory

published in: Design By Marcia Argyriades, 29 October 2011

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photo © Costas Voyatzis

With all eyes set on Greece regarding the difficult financial circumstances that it is going through, we decided to look on the bright side and share a story about a successful Greek small business venture with you. 'Morphos' a 100% Greek family owned company specializes in creating ‘the art of living.’ This video explores the inner world of a Greek factory which produces sofas and beds through the vision and guidance of its founder, Vassilis J. Economou; a graduate of Parsons - The New School for Design.  Economou wanted to be involved in the design process for as long as he can remember. With his passion and his never-ending quench for creation, creativity and design, the self-motivated entrepreneur made his childhood wish a reality; to intervene in the design process.

A film by Yatzer's Creative Team
Directed, shot and edited by: Dimosthenis Grivas and Costas Voyatzis
music by: Dimosthenis Grivas
Video Courtesy of Morphos.gr

The factory officially opened in 1984 producing customized sofas for a company called NEO KATOIKEIN, which Vassilis J. Economou had also been one of the founding members. Since his withdrawal from this company, he decided to keep the factory and launch a new brand called 'Morphos'; the first factory in Greece to create furniture pieces with steel instead of wooden frames. His production method allowed for innovative sofa design as he allowed the customer to “add corner groups and long chairs, to suit their own personal preferences, giving them the freedom to create unique designs that are timeless and at the same time refreshingly new.”

Through this inspirational short film, we explore the production process which has remained the same ever since, with some additional technical advancements. We also get an insight into this successful entrepreneur’s thoughts regarding the Greek manufacturing industry and how there are no limits when what you do is done with love, passion and a never-ending drive for advancement and creativity.

photo © Dimosthenis Grivas

photo © Costas Voyatzis

photo © Costas Voyatzis

Advertising Campaign for Morphos, A/W2011-12
photo © George Drakopoulos
art direction/styling: Costas Voyatzis



  • friend
    alex | 2011-10-29 11:14:20

    ωραίο βίντεο Κώστα. η μουσική απλά συγκλονιστική. ωραίο mood και ωραία πλάνα.

  • friend
    eduardo de castro | 2011-10-29 15:24:39

    thanks a lot for sharing this amazing and emotional documentary! my best wishes to all!

  • friend
    Maximos Zachariadis | 2011-10-29 16:41:51

    Congrats, great aesthetic, sound, direction!!! Great job, full of hope!

  • friend
    Constantinos | 2011-10-29 16:58:37

    Bravo Costa. Excellent work. To Dimosthenis Grivas also. Bravo guys! Waiting for more. xxx C

  • friend
    eleni | 2011-10-30 12:09:29

    I have been to their place in order to buy a sofa they are also very nice and gentle people!Congratulations!

  • friend
    maria | 2011-11-01 11:18:01


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