V.O.W N°40 // Beauty Study by MI-ZO

published in: Photography By Yasmine Hottary, 13 October 2011

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Image Courtesy of MI-ZO

V.O.W N°40  (10 - 16 October 2011)

Photographer Zoren Gold and Japanese graphic designer/illustrator Minori Murakami (aka MI-ZO) began their mutual creative journey in 2000. The idea behind this collaboration was to combine their expertise in different areas based on their mutual curiosity to discover the unexplored paths of creative imagery. ‘We hoped, together, to invent a new aesthetic in photographic imagery’ (MI-ZO in NY Arts Vol12 no 5/6).  Reading through the two artists’ biographies, one realizes the power of innate artistic spirit and endowment. Although the duo are currently one of the most sought-after entities in the world of artistic photography, their partly self-taught talent as well as their continuous probing through the various forms of art, fashion and commerce, have resulted in their firmly establishing their personal creative signature in the world of photographic imagery.

Zoren Gold, of German origin, crossed paths with the Japanese Minori Murakami in Los Angeles in 2000. At that time, both artists were experimenting through freelance photography and illustration. In 2002, the duo moved to Tokyo where they broadened their scope of creativeness to include a mix of photography, collages, drawings, computer graphics and handmade props.  Today, MI-ZO have moved back to their creative homeland in Los Angeles, handling a large portfolio including the most prominent clients, editorials and exhibitions around the world.  The most important ‘atout’ of their work is the fact that they manage to create commercially effective projects while being artistically free.

Yatzer has the honor to include MI-ZO’s latest video conception named ‘BEAUTY STUDY’, produced by Logan & Sons among its V.O.W. entries. The video explores the qualities of feminine beauty through graphic relations with fashion and architectural patterns, triggering our fantasy and transferring us to a state where the real world mingles with the unreal.

Image Courtesy of MI-ZO

Image Courtesy of MI-ZO

Video credits
Director: MI-ZO
Production company: Logan & Sons
Executive Creative Director: Alexei Tylevich
Executive Producer: Matthew Marquis
Music: Wolfgang Matthes
Hair: Louise Moon
Make Up: Riku Campo
Models: Alice & Emily @ Photogenics

Images Courtesy of MI-ZO



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