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published in: Design, Interiors, Exhibitions By Costas Voyatzis, 12 November 2012

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I have visited my fair share of exhibitions over the years; some good, some better and some definitely brilliant. But it'€™s a rare occasion when the design Universe catches me completely unaware. Just when I thought I knew it all“ or at least more than enough Belgium surprised me with a Biennale that was so well curated and so flawlessly organized, that I almost started feeling bad about myself. Why had I missed out on it all these years?

But then again, maybe its newly appointed curator Lowie Vermeersch and his team that have taken the latest Biennale INTERIEUR to new heights. Blaming myself may prove to be a fruitless exercise then. Without further ado, the 23rd Biennale did what every cultural institution dreams of achieving when putting down roots in a specific place: it embraced the city and the city embraced it right back, thus forging an unbreakable bond that will undoubtedly last for decades to come.

Lowie Vermeersch, photo © Wouter van Vaerenbergh

Serving an intoxicating cocktail of economy and culture, the 23rd International Biennale INTERIEUR 2012 showcased over 300 corporate exhibitors under a central theme: Biennale in the city, city in the Biennale€. The impeccably planned design circuit ran through the entire town of Kortrijk, where satellite events and pop-up bars and restaurants entrenched visitors and locals alike in beauty over the course of nine days (October 20-28, 2012). Yatzer departed Belgium in a state of awe: it was plain to see that Lowie Vermeersch and his team had accomplished what they had sworn to achieve. In ridding the world of anything remotely resembling ugliness, they turned this small Belgian town on its head - the last place on earth you’d expect to find so much accumulated talent has now become a top design destination come 2014. Yatzer will be there, rain or shine!

Check out the pictures that follow and discover 50 reasons why you shouldn't miss it either! The products on show include celebrated design brands that have never been exhibited inside the main Xpo venue before, as well as various other wonders dispersed in locations throughout Kortrijk and the popular Buda district.

The Downstairs light 8 steps by Bertjan Pot, produced by DHPH
photo © Costas Voyatzis for

Château Baccarat glass collection
photo © Costas Voyatzis for

Kishu Bottles by Maya Selway at Gallery Sofie Lachaert

Gradient cabinet by Ka-Lai Chan for Galerie Judy Straten

Storyline by Marko Vuijk

The traditional turkish porcelain coffee pots with olive tree sprig handle by Tulya Madra and Firat Aykaç of Santimetre

Arcades by Troika, part of FUTURE PRIMITIVE projects of INTERIEUR 2012
photo © Troika 2012

DOUBLE BUFFET NOUVELLE ZELANDE by Vincent Dubourg at Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Replex material made of glued and cut old furniture by Ruud van Hemert and Stijn van Oorschot of oormerk
photo © Costas Voyatzis for

Canevas Collection by Charlotte Lancelot for GAN Rugs
photo © Costas Voyatzis for

Saya chair by Lievore Altherr Molina for Arper

The POP-UP showroom of Piet Hein Eek
photo © Costas Voyatzis for

The Sideboard with coloured sliding doors and trays designed by Finn Juhl for BOVIRKE in 1955 at OneCollection
photo © Costas Voyatzis for

CMYK lamp by Dennis Parren which casts a network of coloured shadows
photo © Costas Voyatzis for

Ross Lovegrove's car concept, part of FUTURE PRIMITIVE projects of INTERIEUR 2012
photo © Costas Voyatzis for

ANOTHER TERRA > Home Away from Home curated by Barbara Brondi and Marco Rainó founders of IN Residence

The furniture project of Fien Muller and Hannes van Severen, aka Muller van Severen
Part of INTERIEUR Future Primitives projects

The CORSO BLU lane which cut across the halls of Kortijk Xpo and featured a selection of contemporary objects

TIPSY glasses by Livia Lauber and Loris Jaccard, aka Loris & Livia for DesignMarketo
photo © Costas Voyatzis for

The all time classic wire basket of KORBO (since 1922)

Area Bed by the Interieur Foundation’s Designer of the Year 2012 Alain Gilles for Magnitude

TurnToOpen III by Joyce Flendrie, photo © Nevel Karaali

The ERASED handmade rugs of Jan Kath

Inmotion by Paster & Geldmacher for MDF Italia

Ulf Moritz decorative elements for Orac
photo © Costas Voyatzis for

Moire lamp by Marc Sarrazin at Petite Friture

INTERIEUR 2012 uniforms by Damien Ravn
photographer: koen vernimmen
hair, makeup: Adelien de Puysseleyr,
 models: Lo and Lemmie @ jill models

The heating concepts of Vasco

LAZY SUNDAY armchair and stool by Stefan Schöning for INDERA

One To Tree seat by Le Cornu

PAPER PLANES high armchair by Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien for MOROSO

Underwater mechanical installation by David Bowen, part of FUTURE PRIMITIVE projects of INTERIEUR 2012

CLIFFY sofa by Rainer Mutsch for sixinch

STRATES shelves and table tops by Mathieu Lehanneur for Objekten

Tulip Family floor lamps by Autoban

Lamp 'Occultation' by Oskar Peet and Sophie Mensen , aka Os & Oos at Galerie Gosserez

UP_SIDE table top hood by Novy

Paulistano Armchair designed by Paulo Mendes da Rocha in 1957 / Objekto

Be Square table by Plinio il Giovane

Landscape cabinet designed by Studio PASTOE

Scraplights made of salvaged cardboard by Graypants
photo © Costas Voyatzis for

Friday armchair by Zeitraum

Table Tige by Julie Van Mulder for De Invasie

Chairs by Lille Design at VENTURA Interieur 2012

WOOD accessories collection for office by HAY

Bonk Bank bench by Atelier Bonk

BOTTI suspension lamp by delightfull

Modular Shelving System by Cubit
photo © Costas Voyatzis for

Concrete lamp by Matali Crasset for LCDA
photo © Simon Bouisson

HEXALIGHTS by Marcus Tremonto at Patrick Brillet Gallery


Biennale INTERIEUR 2012

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    Totally agree with you

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    Elina GRIGORIOU | 2012-11-14 13:42:48

    Stunning, beautiful choices. Great curating!

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    The exhibition is "by invitation only", hence the outstanding quality, since 1968!!! Not known well enough outside Benelux, I'm afraid. Yatzer's great article will help!

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    No invitation for "Interieur", and the exhibition is well known, even in Marseilles, not in Benelux, actually :-)

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    Techie cool ...

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