Bikes in the Air by Dominic Hargreaves

published in: Vehicles By Costas Voyatzis, 03 February 2009

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text as it was found at the Royal College of Art website

An RCA student has come up with a canny design that could help prevent thousands of bikes being stolen. Dominic Hargreaves, 23, a design student at the College has had three bikes stolen since he moved to the capital. And Dominic’s not alone: on average 52 bikes are stolen in London every day. Looking at this modern urban problem as a design challenge, the young student realised that the only way to overcome the problem was to lock the bike somewhere out of the reach of thieves. His solution? A bike lock located 8 feet above the ground.

How does it work? The bike cradle can be fitted to any wall and is attached to an electronic hoist which lowers to the ground when triggered by the owner’s remote control. The mechanism can also be programmed to read an oyster card if located at a tube station, or indeed any public location. Once the bike is placed into the cradle and locked in position, the user then activates the hoist to pull the bike up onto the wall. The bike is then safely out of the reach of thieves and their bolt cutters. Dominic believes the idea would work on domestic dwellings such as houses or blocks of flats as well as public spaces like railway or tube stations.

The design is one of three winners in the £15,000 iQ Design Challenge set by Toyota to Royal College of Art students and alumni to create products that respond to modern urban life.


Dominic Chargreave , Royal College of Art

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  • friend
    Terod | 2009-02-03 01:54:37

    Look great. I would put bike that way even if i live on the island. Cities could look much nicer, if people would put their interesting garbage on boring facades of buildings. Showing what is hidden inside the buildings. Because house is not like a creature body, which mustn`t be revealed, but it is like a some Shop, which tries to show on exterior, what is happening in interior. Step to more friendly communities, and less scared of surround people. Idea of security In my opinion is secondary in this work. There is many others cheaper, easier ways how to secure your bike.

  • friend
    Zitao | 2009-02-06 17:41:52

    great idea. this actually opens up tonnes of other possibilities. can't wait to see them in the market :)

  • friend
    Marcel Cohen | 2009-03-09 21:04:14

    Well, that's a jolly good invention. But, in Holland it allways rains and it's very windy. I can imagine all those bikes catches the wind and smashes themselves against walls en windows. What is the answer for that problem? Anyway, good luck with the realy BikeAir!

  • friend
    Detlof P van Pasen | 2009-03-09 22:03:52

    Great idea! Now the thiefs first have to climb on to their white van to steal my bike.

  • friend
    Jacob L | 2009-03-18 20:20:39

    I realy like the idea, brilliant. I think there are a lot of places BikeAir would fit in.

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