Dedo by Gonçalo Campos

published in: Design By Ricardo Hernandez, 06 November 2010

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Image Courtesy of Gonçalo Campos

We seem to be endlessly searching for new methods and ways to communicate. As technology continues to evolve, we proudly summit the fastest text, the remote access or the most extensive list of followers in our social platforms, but what about old ways of communication? How do we remember them or why did we use them? I remember waiting for the construction crew in my school to leave so I could leave a message on the wet cement that would last forever. I remember carving out a message on a tree or even in the bottom of my desk at school so other classes would see my seed of communication many years from when it was incepted. The idea of leaving something behind has long been a behavior that unites us and allows us to understand one another better. Whether it is permanent, transient or rapidly evolving, transactions of communication, visual or typographic, will always remain human curiosity.

Image Courtesy of Gonçalo Campos

In his latest project, Gonçalo Campos explores the transient, yet meaningful effects of communication. Goncalo is no stranger to us as we have seen his growth since his time at Fabrica and his lovely Esa (a set of tables) featured in the "More Than Parts" (Mais que Partes) exhibition a while back. His current Dedo project is young, refreshing, interactive and the latest A Grade for Arcademi this November.

Image Courtesy of Gonçalo Campos

The Dedo message board provides an easy, intuitive and interactive way to convey ideas. It is easy to use as we all have a connection to it by reminiscing on our childhood and the many ways we found to leaves messages behind - sand, dirt, cement, wood. Dedo is a 700 x 1000 cm piece made out of artificial fur and framed on wood. The piece functions as a communication piece or as a decorative element in your home or studio. Dedo pulls you with its materiality and attracts you to personalize your own message. How many things could we think of today that attracts us to write with our hands or fingers and actually leave it there for someone else to see? The nostalgic and interactive effects of the material make Dedo an interesting product of communication. As technology continues to evolve, we now look at ways to make communication more natural since we seem to be departing into a mechanical model to communicate. Dedo is gestural, intimate and interactive; all elements that technology is trying to emulate but has yet to master.

Image Courtesy of Gonçalo Campos

Image Courtesy of Gonçalo Campos


Gonçalo Campos

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