Drawing Lamp by Thomas Feichtner

published in: Design By Costas Voyatzis, 28 July 2010

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Image Courtesy of Thomas Feichtner

The Drawing Lamp (material: steel tube, LED , size: 500 x 280 x 140 mm) is a consistently simple lamp reduced to the basics, including cable and illuminant. Thomas Feichtner designed this desk lamp for his own use. As the name implies the Drawing Lamp is a lamp preferably used by the designer to illuminate the drawing area. On the one hand it lights the whole desk surface, on the other hand its light can be directed precisely to where it is needed on the paper – as Thomas Feichtner prefers it for sketching. The light is not focused via a complex mechanical system or by adjusting a reflector but simply by putting the whole lamp into a horizontal position. Its construction allows placing it on the desk at two different angular positions.

Image Courtesy of Thomas Feichtner

The lamp can be put down in a horizontal position with the illuminant slightly above the desk surface or in a vertical position with a maximum distance between the illuminant and the desk surface. The lamp keeps its balance as in a balancing act. The conclusive implementation of the simple construction, with the cable running through the tube to the illuminant – the destination point and the source of light – was made possible by LED technology. LEDs do not require a reflector to concentrate the emitted light, and thus it was possible to simply put the LED into the tube. The appearance of the Drawing Lamp is defined by the cable, the steel tube and the LED illuminant. Like the classic bare light bulb hanging on a cord from the ceiling the Drawing Lamp is reduced to the bare essentials. Only the sophisticated deformation of the tube provides the lamp with the benefit of adjustability. The interplay of angles, radiuses and lines results in an object which is conclusive in terms of construction and form.

Image Courtesy of Thomas Feichtner

Image Courtesy of Thomas Feichtner

Image Courtesy of Thomas Feichtner


Thomas Feichtner

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About Thomas Feichtner

Thomas Feichtner was born in Brazil in 1970. After attending school in Düsseldorf, Germany, he earned a degree at the University of Art and Industrial Design in Linz, Austria, where he also became an instructor a few years later. After completing studies in industrial design, he founded his own design office. Feichtner initially designed industrial goods and numerous products for the Austrian sports industry, and was honoured with international design awards like the IF Design Award, the Swiss Design Prize, the Cannes Lion (nomination), the German Design Prize, the red dot design award, the European Design Award and the Josef Binder Award. Besides his activity as a product designer for Head, Tyrolia, Fischer and Blizzard, Feichtner also worked in the area of visual communications for the likes of Swarovski Optik, Adidas Eyewear or the British-Israeli designer Ron Arad.

After his early successes as an industrial designer, Feichtner departed from what had been a solely functional understanding of design. His later work focused on artistic aspects and took a more experimental approach. In search of an independent mode of operation that went beyond globalization and mass production, he designed products for such traditional crafters as J&L Lobmeyr, Neue Wiener Werkstätten and Stamm, and realised freelance projects in cooperation with Vitra and FSB. International exhibitions at the Triennale di Milano, the National Gallery in Prague, the Biennial of Industrial Design in Ljubljana, the Design Center Stuttgart, the Gansevoort Gallery in New York, Design Week in Tokyo as well as the Museum for Applied Arts (MAK) in Vienna followed. His works have been acquired by various design collections. Feichtner is a professor for product design at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel, Germany. He lives and works in Austria with his wife Simone Feichtner*.

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    kristΓ½na | 2010-07-28 22:35:45

    what a wonderful lamp!

  • friend
    Anton Parys | 2010-09-07 21:48:43

    Just perfectly balanced. Always in harmony. Does anybody know where you can buy this piece of art.

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