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published in: Vehicles By Guest, 03 November 2009

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Image Courtesy of Frauscher boats

Guest Contribution by Doya Karolini

At the time Engelbert Frauscher was ready to open his first shipyard at the old Danube in Vienna, the United States were already celebrating the heydays of boat racing.
And it was during the winter of 1921-22 that the rules governing the Gold Cup Races were dramatically changed by the American Power Boat Association. The changes limited engine size, length and configuration of hulls. The wish was to actually “encourage gentlemen’s runabouts so that they could be used for family recreation as well as racing. This on the other hand made racing possible for pleasure, only, with style and honour.

Image Courtesy of Frauscher boats

Engelbert Frauscher quickly gained an excellent reputation and in the 1930s crafted O-Yawls for the Olympic Games. Nevertheless, war broke through and things froze for a while to restart in 1945 in Gmunden, where tradition went on and on.

In the ‘50s the first electric and motor boats left that very yard and ever since, Engelbert’s sons and grandsons and their kids continously advanced the development. Two if them, Hans and Stefan won even championship titles in regatta sailing on H-boats constructed of course in the family shipyard.

Today, their diamonds of boats are being distributed and loved in more than 14 countries.

Image Courtesy of Frauscher boats

Image Courtesy of Frauscher boats

Image Courtesy of Frauscher boats

Going back to the ‘20s though, it was in that specific period of time that numerous of wonderful boats were created that have now inspired the Frauscher family to take the essence and vision of those good old times and recreate the spirit in the 21st century. The outcome was a well tested sub construction developed carefully along the lines of the racers that inspires to realize the unique watercraft. A central motorization with the classic shaft propulsion and the exceptional hull design that allows for perfect manoeuvring at all times. In short: the Frauscher 717 GT, a truly fantastic gentlemen’s racer.

All in all, YES, it might be hard to resist the temptation, but it is good to know that you can, if you want to: riding elegantly across the glistening sea on a powerful yet amicable racer, that is.

Image Courtesy of Frauscher boats

Engine: 184-309 kW (gasoline, diesel or hybrid)
Propulsion: central motorization with a classic shaft propulsion
Length: 717 cm
Width: 225 cm
Weight: starting at 1500 kg
Deck, inner flooring and bathing platform : classic teak

Image Courtesy of Frauscher boats


Frauscher boats

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