George Tserionis in Search of the Familiar Unknown

published in: Art By Apostolos Mitsios, 17 February 2010

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from the Native land series, © George Tserionis, 2009
30 cm height
photo by C.Doulgeris
Image Courtesy of © George Tserionis

George Tserionis is a young Greek artist that has raised a lot of expectations with his latest exhibition at Cheap Art gallery in Athens called “In Between”. Tserionis combines different techniques, from ceramics to collages, and uses in his work elements like the deer, the skull, the spiral and aurora borealis. All of them have a great symbolic value, reflecting the ideas of resurrection, mortality, the circle of life and the power of the mystical attributions to natural phenomena.

Native land, © George Tserionis, 2010
china objects,ink ,acrylic colours on canvas
Image Courtesy of © George Tserionis

elements © George Tserionis, 2009
21 cm height each
Image Courtesy of George Tserionis

At the same time, Tserionis installations leave an open path to the imagination and the fragmentary character of his creations, like a 3-D collage or a short micro-narration, raises many questions and encourages personal interpretations. In many cases the answers are left ambiguous. After all, for many this is the essence of art, an essence that is more focused on the questions than the answers. And it doesn’t matter if the questions raised may lead to a native land or to a foreign land, is the trip that matters in the end. 

In between, © George Tserionis, 2007-2009
Image Courtesy of © George Tserionis

practicing utopia,  © George Tserionis, 2009
book,plaster,acrylic colours,silicon bubble
photo by A.Douveri
Image Courtesy of George Tserionis

George Tserionis, furthermore, likes to have absolute control over his creations and that’s why he believes in craftsmanship: everything that forms part of his installations is hand made and this adds an extra allure to his work.
We hope you like his artworks as much as we did!  

Monument for the power esteem,  © George Tserionis, 2009
m.d.f board,clay sculptures,photographs.plexiglass
Image Courtesy of George Tserionis

Monument for Youth, © George Tserionis, 2009
wood, clay ,leather
Image Courtesy of George Tserionis

In between, © George Tserionis, 2009
mixed media
dimensions variable
installation view at Cheap Art gallery,Greece // Image Courtesy of © George Tserionis

In between, © George Tserionis, 2009
m.d.f board,clay vinyl adhesive
dimencions variable
Image Courtesy of George Tserionis

Private culture, © George Tserionis, 2006
drawings on paper and wall
dimensions variable
Image Courtesy of © George Tserionis


George Tserionis

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