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published in: Interiors By Marcia Argyriades, 09 March 2010

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Image Courtesy of BrandNew

All of us who love design and the value which it adds to our lives have developed safe criteria for our choices.  Criteria which aesthetic differences subside and different tastes converge.  What we are referring to is the existence of a “groundbreaking” concept; of an idea which can run entirely on a creation (object, architecture, product), and make it so unique and special. 

This is exactly the case with SKIN MOOD, a store which operates in the northern suburbs of Athens*GR, in the district of KifisiaSKIN MOOD offers a substantial differentiation in the theory and practice of Cosmetology.  This high-tech store, with its simple and clean aesthetics was created to house an innovative concept:  to supply us with completely personalized cosmetics. 

Image Courtesy of BrandNew

SKIN MOOD, is a brand and a completely personalized cosmetic care system.  Created by an international collaboration of scientists (including Dermatologists, Chemists, Biologists, and Geneticists), which is the scientific group and is led by the Head of the R&D Department Ioulia Armagou, Chemist who also happens to be the creator of Juliette Armand cosmetics - a leader in the field of personal and professional cosmetics.  Their motto being:  “there is no better cosmetic than the one which meets YOUR needs,” all in all, the SKIN MOOD team created a unique system which achieves the combined in-vivo diagnosis and the vital personalized care.

Image Courtesy of BrandNew

SKIN MOOD, Personalized Cosmetics System aims at the right function of the genes which are responsible for the physiology of our skin.  And because every skin is unique, the ideal cosmetic care should be customized for every skin.  If so, for any space tailor-made design constitutes the competitive advantage and the challenge for creation, in the case of SKIN MOOD, its competitive advantage is the ultimate expression of the concept of tailor-made cosmetic care!

The Greek creative agency BrandNew designed the stores interior, the brand identity, the packaging and the print material of SKIN MOODBrandNew designed the three levels of the space as it empowers contrasts and harmonies. They combined natural materials (aluminum, marble, glass, and mosaics) with modern synthetic materials (such as acrylics and barrisol) and created furniture, luminaires and storage space which ensure the functionality and highlight, the aesthetics of the medical laboratory - of the not so distant -   future.


Image Courtesy of BrandNew

Unique, high-production furniture which were selected for the space include Charles & Ray Eames seats by Vitra.  To establish the color identity to the space BrandNew chose three colors:  sky blue (for its global character and its genuineness), silver gray (a characteristic color of high-tech products) and white (for its purity and brightness).  The result is the creation of a concept store where everything is new and unique. 

A concept store that welcomes us to a transparent and bright world full of refraction of light, sleek surfaces and the tranquility of confidence in science. A visit to SKIN MOOD, can cheer us up, preparing us for the most unique experience of discovering the MOOD of our SKIN. 

Image Courtesy of BrandNew


SKIN MOOD store: 9-11 Kolokotroni Str., Kifisia // tel. +30 210 8015485 // Athens*GREECE

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