V.O.W N°49 // Holy Paper crafted Darth Vader by Lobulo Design

published in: Graphics, Art By Costas Voyatzis, 18 December 2011

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photo © Lobulo Design

V.O.W N°49 (Video Of the Week, 12 - 18 December 2011)

In using PAPER as the main medium for designing a project, many artists and illustrators around the world have proved that the possibilities of success in craftsmanship are numerous and the results, nothing but awe-inspiring. One of these talented individuals is a Spanish illustrator whose portfolio, amongst other illustrations, is full of papercraft projects, all worth your attention.  Born in Barcelona, Javier aka Lobulo Design, who currently lives and works in London, takes us inside his studio during the making of a papercraft illustration of the central character from STAR WARS, Mr. Darth Vader. The project was commissioned by Göoo, a bi-annual magazine for visual arts and graphic expression and will definitely captivate you from the moment he cuts the first piece of paper till the completion of the "Holy Darth Vader!"

Making of the ''Paper Darth Project''
Credits for the film:
Paper modeler: Lobulo Design
Music: Hola A Todo El Mundo - A Movement Between These Two
Animation/edition: Sebastián Baptista


Lobulo Design

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