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published in: Design By Costas Voyatzis, 06 June 2008

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A living room should be as it suggests, a ‘living room’; a space within the home dedicated and faithful to the flow and movement of people and vibrant conversation. Regrettably, degrading social patterns of interaction and the emerging dissolution of the family cluster has effectuated increasing reclusion and disengagement among family members.
Can objects and entities around the living room play a role in reversing such trends? Can they engage users in the sharing of lives and transcend the quality and experience of the living space?
By infusing emotive qualities and extracting silhouettes and curves from human postures to form different ‘characters’, the series of floor loungers are not only exciting and charming to the eyes but also whimsically cast the impression of people in conversation with one another. They grace the floor without mention or measure of time, in continuous and harmonious dialogue within the space.

A series of floor furniture
The inspiration for the floor loungers and low tables draws its roots from traditional Asian culture. Daily routines of work and play were all performed on the floor and this planar surface was considered an important living domain and space.
The furniture pieces were designed to allow one to remain close to the ground whilst appreciating the casualness and cosiness of such an informal sitting arrangement.
By Brian Law and Tan Sixiu.




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CRISP was formed in January 2008. CRISP is the creative response and design initiative established by Singaporeans Brian Law and Tan Sixiu to investigate and communicate the fundamental qualities that surround and define everyday objects. The design duo believes that objects should excite and intrigue people with the intention of personal engagement through human behaviour and/or touch.  It is their humble intention to offer and suggest fresh perspectives and thought into the lives of those who come into contact with their design works.

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