Inamo Restaurant by Blacksheep in London

published in: Restaurants/Bars By Costas Voyatzis, 13 October 2008

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  A highly innovative new pan-Asian bar and restaurant scheme in London's Soho, which features virtual menus to be navigated via table-top projections. Each table in the 60-cover restaurant has its own projector, whilst a 70-capacity downstairs bar offers a lively cocktail environment. Blacksheep's designs seek to balance out the restaurant's technological aspects by creating a sensuous, social space with a strong personality

   The interior of Inamo has been designed by Blacksheep, hot from their latest west end success with the Whisky Mist at Zeta bar and nightclub at London’s Hilton Hotel - and from the announcement of their third winning project in a row at the London Bar & Club Awards with the Knightsbridge bar Vendôme. Blacksheep also contributed to all the restaurant’s graphic applications, adapting the existing identity with new iconography for signage, menus and marketing materials as well as all environmental graphics, from graphic wallpaper to graphic tablecloths, shopfront etched patterns and illuminated screens, with all pattern work inspired by and adapted from traditional Asian print designs.


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  • friend
    Loukas Angelou | 2008-10-15 00:33:39

    i've been standing outside looking with awe the interior, hoping for a table to get free but wasn't that lucky. Promise i when i will go i'll come back with some comments about the experience.

  • friend
    John | 2008-10-16 23:00:29

    I really like the light fixtures and think they provide a cool look above the tables. Though I am not a big fan of too much variety in tables, in this case is works well.

  • friend
    lordaeron | 2008-10-24 21:16:35

    I agree with John, I don't like much variety in tables, but the whole thing works fantastic in that restaurant

  • friend
    petmeds | 2009-10-28 14:30:38

    Wow! A very elegant setting! The overall theme constitute to the idea of what a real fine dining restaurant should be like.

  • friend
    Ewok | 2009-10-28 21:29:40

    Great interior design. Perfect for a romantic ambiance. petmeds

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