Jules Julien and Beijing 2008 Olympics

published in: Graphics By Costas Voyatzis, 23 July 2008

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"À VOS MARQUES, PRÊTS, PARTEZ …" by Jules Julien

"CHINA 1" by Jules Julien

The Beijing series is a personal work of Jules Julien, for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.
"While the media are accusing China with Tibet, exposing Tibetans who blindly indoctrinated, I wanted to point out the sponsors and their responsibilities. Is the real stake China or the world market ?" - Jules Julien


On the 21st of August 2007, yatzer has done a presentation of some Jules Julien's unique illustrations.

Since then, Jules has updated his portfolio with many many illustrations! But the Beijing series (above)...and the "Welcum" ones (below) are yatzer's favorites!

Keep illustrating Jules!

"Welcum" by Jules Julien


Jules Julien (blog , myspace)

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About Jules Julien

1975, Bagnols. Cèze, France // A squirrel gun. A spider-like hair surrounding a face with cubist proportions. Whether it is subtle or grotesque, the operated shift in the work of Julien Roure (most famous as Jules Julien) is questioning the reality of the world which surrounds it, thus making rock the concept of truth for the General to the individual. By diverting and associating familiar figures and objects, he puts in scene a universe where symbol maries to the story and where strangeness hides behind a pallet of exaggeratedly vivid colors. Because it should be well recognized that the smooth appearance of his sharply drawn and vectorized images, contains layers much more complex. An underground world where the super heroes would be called Eros and Thanatos and where tensions would give birth to dreams as much tempting than poisonous.

[official website]

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