Keep it Pure by Dorte Agergaard

published in: Design By Costas Voyatzis, 22 April 2009

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Dorte Agergaard® is a label that refuses to conform to strict boundaries. Danish Dorte Agergaard work as an independent designer, specializing in digital print and in developing conceptual design for textiles and home fashion. Her print design is mainly based on not using repeated patterns, in order to create stunning and unique design. She seeks to shift one form of reality into another- through her conceptual work with photography prints.

Dorte Agergaard's fourth collection, called PURE is now available. The theme of the collection PURE is ”keep it pure”. Images from the pure reality of nature and of private homes become a series of patterns, printed on various textile products. Below you will find some pillows and textiles of PURE collection.



Dorte Agergaard

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