V.O.W N°52 // 'La Mer De Pianos'

published in: Art By Ricardo Hernandez, 19 January 2012

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© Tom Wrigglesworth and Mathieu Cuvelier

V.O.W N°52 (Video Of the Week, 16 - 22 January 2012)

A lifetime crafting and servicing the piano is nothing but rare in any craft today. Owning the shop for 13 out of the 15 years he has worked there, is a testament to the importance of carrying the tradition and legacy of one craft. Although Marc Manceaux, the business owner, says business slows down just a bit every year, his passion for what he does, keeps him there. As long as no one kicks him out of there, water, candle, sketch book and music will keep him alive and moving forward. He articulates that these days, the business is not about fixing a new piano but about conservation. He explores the world for old piano parts that could serve another timeless piano and help it be played once again. He continues to sacrifice one piano part for another and these transactions give his shop an interesting feel as you witness so many injured pianos. A sea of piano parts working together to conserve one that has a chance of survival.

We are happy to introduce Marc Manceaux and La Mer de Painos. A film directed, shot & edited by Tom Wrigglesworth & Mathieu Cuvelier.


© Tom Wrigglesworth and Mathieu Cuvelier

© Tom Wrigglesworth and Mathieu Cuvelier

© Tom Wrigglesworth and Mathieu Cuvelier


Tom Wrigglesworth, Mathieu Cuvelier

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  • friend
    peter bainbridge | 2012-02-14 08:09:26

    At any moment I expected to see his cat pop up wearing a beret, lounging on the keys sipping the odd Campari and reading a novel? loved it, so cool, really enjoyed this, more sound on the piano's could have been nice? for what its worth this could be a cool ad for a bank or American Express, tis a thought tis it not?

  • friend
    John Appleman | Diseño Web | 2012-03-12 02:52:22

    Superinteresante!!! El arte y la artesanía, una separación muy fina...nnJohn.

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