Light Modulator by Lazerian

published in: Design By Costas Voyatzis, 27 November 2008

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Lazerian is a creative practice that began in 2006, set up by Liam Hopkins, a Manchester born designer-maker. Based in an ex- hat factory in Manchester, the practice is focused on the creation of functional objects through playful investigation of materials and processes, and seeks to imbue objects with a bit of soul. The practice works on a variety of projects, including furniture, interiors, and objects. Lazerian designs are available from selected retailers and the online shop.

Amongst other interesting projects by Lazerian, the Light Modulator is a piece of Art!

About Light Modulator
A computer-generated form was converted into modular sections, which were cut from 1.5mm birch plywood using a CNC routing machine. Emphasis was placed on limiting the number of unique module shapes in order to simplify construction; twenty six unique units are used in total, repeated through the symmetry of the form.
(Design : Liam Hopkins and Richard Sweeney)

Light Modulator's Maquete



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