Mike Chen’s TV-furniture

published in: Design By Stefania Vourazeri, 25 February 2011

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Image Courtesy of Mike Chen

Forget what you know about Television! It is not just another electronic devise you have in your house. It is also furniture like your sofa or your bookshelf. Apart from its practical use, which makes it such a distinctive appliance, a TV can also serve aesthetically in the room where it is placed.

Image Courtesy of Mike Chen

Mike Chen, a Taiwanese industrial designer who lives in New York since he was 14 years-old and currently studies at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn,NY (Class 2012), is the man behind this TV set, reminiscent of the 50s era, sees it as an object whose physicality has a strong character like any other furniture object! His minimalistic TV may be inspired from a precedent era but his approach is modern as well as classy! The TV set has pale and elegant colors such as grey and white combined with wood making the exterior an ultimate contemporary chic!

Image Courtesy of Mike Chen

The remote control is a simple dial. There is one big button for the power, and the dial turns left or right to adjust the channel or the volume. His approach is: "less is more". An interesting part of this TV set is that when not in use, the remote fits into the space on the top right of the TV so when you are done watching TV you can place it back into the slot. This smart and savvy design makes sure that your remote control stays in place and that you won’t need to search for it again!

Image Courtesy of Mike Chen

Image Courtesy of Mike Chen


Mike Chen

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    jubi | 2011-02-26 14:18:32

    It is wonderful design, I think you will be a successful designer in the near future.

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