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published in: Design By Guest, 24 January 2010

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Compas lamp // A leaning floor/wall light which can be moved and set to different heights.
Mat: Oak.  // Dim: 2300x1500x60mm.

Guest Contribution by Pascal Panagiotidis

French duo Gautier Pelegrin and Vincent Taïani joined their forces and created the Noon studio. After their studies in industrial product in France the two designers followed separated careers for a long time until the moment they decided to collaborate and create their own studio. The result of this fusion is a mix of different experiences that allows a new approach to furniture and object design. Different perspectives can be a barrier to productive collaboration but that's not the case with Noon studio; on the contrary it is an interchange of ideas, an effective way to stimulate creative thinking. The concepts of Noon studio come to confirm the fact that the collaboration of the two designers has only positive effects. A creative relationship that manages to generate new inspirational concepts.

Compas lamp // detail

Tripod side table // A ceramic side table supported with birch cantilevering tripod leg system.
Mat: Ceramic, Terra cotta, oak... // Dim: 780x420x440mm.

Noon Studio's philosophy is simple and takes under consideration all these elements that play a significant role in everyday man's life. This is related to the successful and harmonic co-existence of man and object into the same space; a task that seems easy at first glance but there are various factors to be taken under consideration in order to achieve perfection.

Tripod side table // detail

This is more about an interaction between the man and its surroundings, a connection between the object and the space. Dialogue is a shared exploration towards greater understanding and connection, therefore simplicity is a critical element in the whole process. By using clear and simple forms the designers manage to keep the language clear and simple as well. Under these conditions a better communication between the man and the object is achieved creating this way an emotional bond between them.  Honest materials and careful workmanship contribute to a high level design furniture, a design that has been studied in a way to make people's life easier.

Tripod side table // details

Steel Stool // A simple metal sheet supported by a the minimally designed wooden y-frame which can be assembled to create a unique shelving storage device.
Mat: Steel, oak...  // Dim: 450x450x450mm.

Shelving storage device by Steel stools

Noon Studio is a design office created by two designers, Gautier Pelegrin and Vincent Taïani who studied together product design. Noon Studio is based in London and Avignon and specializes in various areas like Architecture, products, graphics, photography, video, web.  Pelegrin and Taïani manage to give a different twist in everything they create as their objects reflect their experience over the years. Their belief is to design new objects with a philosophy of forward thinking and space awareness.

Jar Lamps // Lathed wooden desklamps with rotating lids which act as switches to control the light intensity.
Mat: Oak.  // Dim: 125x280mm - 250x280mm.

Iceberg sofa // A sofa which plays with the idea of the user sinking into it and challenges the idea of comfort. We hope people will be able to get up.
Mat: TBC. // Dim: 2400x890x460mm.

Iceberg sofa //

Iceberg sofa // detail

Iceberg sofa //

Cut Sofa // The Cut sofa employs simplicity and new ways of modularity to the classic typology of a sofa.
Mat: TBC. // Dim: 3500x1600x680mm.

Cut Sofa //

Cut Sofa //

Cut Sofa // detail


Noon studio

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    angela | 2010-01-24 19:54:12

    i am in love..!!

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    joe | 2010-01-24 23:20:35

    The Cut Sofa is intriguing.

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    Peter | 2010-01-26 06:37:48

    I love the Compas lamp.

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    Rob Saunders | 2010-01-26 18:35:56

    Wow, that an awesome selection of work.

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