Objects around the tablescape

published in: Design By Yatzer, 05 February 2009

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Objects Around the Tablescape / second edition

d.lab™ exhibited the second edition of its [Objects Around the Tablescape] collection at this year's Maison et Objet, now! design a vivre.

d.lab™ is a commercial entity and trademark created by the Design Incubation Centre to communicate its research and outcomes through commercial distribution channels. d.lab™ aim is to examine and create new possibilities and new relationships between man, object and his environment.The Design Incubation Centre is a design research laboratory which investigates and develops new design tools to find new possibilities for the practice of design. This is done through projects that analyze the emerging and evolving human needs, technology and social trends.

The Design Incubation Centre is part of the Department of Architecture at the School of Design and Environment in the National University of Singapore.

Stationery Blocks
W 162 x D 109 x H 70 mm
W 215 x D 70 x H 145 mm
W 280 x D 70 x H 90 mm
Stationer y blocks in maplewood.
Colored detail in Pantone 1777C.

Not So Long Block 400, 600
Long Block
W 400 x D 30 x H 52 mm
W 600 x D 30 x H 52 mm
W 1000 x D 30 x H 52 mm
Stationer y blocks in maplewood.
Colored detail in Pantone 106C, Pantone 318C.

Lamp Blocks
W 230 x D 295 x H 85 mm
W 165 x D 70 x H 65 mm
Table lamp with maplewood base and aluminum lamp shade.
Colored detail in Pantone 1787C.

B1 & B2 Lights
W 252 x D 89 x H 250 mm
W 242 x D 110 x H 373 mm
Table lamp in maplewood with Pantone 1787C painted detail or grey anodized aluminum.

Still Not Quite There Yet
W 450 x D 270 x H 1750 mm
Table lamp in maplewood.
Colored detail in Pantone 1787C.


Design Incubation Centre

  • friend
    fanatic | 2009-02-06 19:22:37

    y nowadays, objects lacks character. yes, yes, some would describe it as honest and unpretentious. But i find these objects, as "try-hard" to be minimalist.

  • friend
    zola | 2009-02-06 19:33:47

    y blocks of wood? I am not going to put these on the table. it could only contain few pieces of pens, pencils or maybe.... scissors. I bet they have not consider the basic stationary to be place on the blocks they came out with.

  • friend
    cliff | 2009-02-06 19:41:48

    Hey, where is the real stuff? photos pls. Since you have exhibited in maison/objet-Jan09. sick of renderings. i kinda curious how it looks like in real life.

  • friend
    renelo | 2009-02-07 06:16:21

    i quite agree wit zola. y pay $20-$30 on a block of wood when it can only hold very......few pieces of pens. tis is kinda pathetic for a company that comes out with such designs.

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