PIXXXEL by Jean-Yves Lemoigne

published in: Photography By Costas Voyatzis, 12 January 2009

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Made by the photographer Jean-Yves Lemoigne for the 3rd issue of the French magazine Amusement. A magazine dedicted to video games and interactive culture.

The PIXXXEL shooting was made by the best naked "pixelized girls" we've ever seen! Enjoy them.


Jean-Yves Lemoigne, FABRIK

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TAGS: Nudity, Lego
  • friend
    liam hopkins | 2009-01-12 23:18:46

    im rather enjoying this.

  • friend
    rita | 2009-01-28 13:51:28

    Brilliant, just like watching porn on Canal+ without subscription. Anyone knows about the team of retouchers? is it a lego like model or a real woman and then pixelated afterwards?

  • friend
    Flagiore | 2010-11-04 21:08:29

    Again a LEGO-ad...nothing more!

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