PULP by Studio Jo Meesters

published in: Design By Guest, 11 April 2010

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Image Courtesy of Studio Jo Meesters

Guest Contribution by An Michiels

PULP by Studio Jo Meesters started as a collection of interior design products made out of paper waste using discarded vessels as positive-image moulds. The collection is the result of a thorough research on new applications for paper waste by adding water resistant properties. A mixture of shredded newspaper, glue and water is applied in several layers on the surface, dried, and finally cut into two removing it from the mould. The pieces are glued back together before applying the last layers of the PULP mixture. The inside of the vessel is then treated with an epoxy resin, leaving a strong and water resistant coating.

Image Courtesy of Studio Jo Meesters


Image Courtesy of Studio Jo Meesters

Since 2008, Studio Jo Meesters has been working on the TESTLAB project, experiments on the rejuvenation and the reuse of discarded materials. The PULP Collection, as part of the TESTLAB experiments is the outcome of researching the potential of paper pulp for furniture applications by upcycling cardboard panels and old newspapers. The process resulted in a striking look seemingly balancing between structural and aesthetic qualities generating robust and highly tactile pieces.
The PULP Collection will be presented during the Salone del Mobile 2010 in Milan, Italy at the Dutch Invertuals Exhibition and at the Leolux stand in the Fiera.  The short film Die Ordnung and an installation about the process of PULP will be shown at the In Residence’s exhibition called Ten Small Atlases.

Image Courtesy of Studio Jo Meesters

Studio Jo Meesters
in their own words:  "Studio Jo Meesters creates concepts and products based on the keywords of matter and traditional craftsmanship. The ongoing search for innovation in materials and techniques is the major drive of the design studio, which is considered a product concept laboratory. A laboratory focused on the research of new ways of material handling and the exploration of the boundaries of the intersection of craftsmanship and mass production techniques.  By integrating various aspects of craftsmanship, sophistication, and detailing, Meesters aims to imbue his projects and products with an emotional value. In this way, he emphasises his commitment to the creation and perception of a bond between object and user".

Image Courtesy of Studio Jo Meesters


studio Jo Meesters

  • friend
    Abel | 2010-04-14 08:18:42

    very bold, simple, and artistic

  • friend
    Nathan Rodriguez | 2010-04-18 05:06:36

    Very cool retro feeling in this installation, and what beautiful girls !

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