Peak-Oil by Charlie Davidson

published in: Design By Guest, 11 December 2009

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render © Charlie Davidson

Guest Contribution by Pascal Panagiotidis

Oil has been the protagonist in the industrial history and transformed our world since the last century. Its role and impact in the world economy and population are huge and the possible consequences of a depletion are under the scientific microscope the last years. This is because the Oil era is about to reach to an end and according to many experts we may have reached the peak oil point; a point when the maximum rate of global petroleum extraction is reached, after which the rate of production enters terminal decline.

photo © Tim Allen

The peak oil project was created by Charlie Davidson as a reminder of the “Oil age” as we know it. Trees just like in the oil formation period are once again the protagonists. This time they have not been sculptured by the nature but the man himself instead. Trunks of mahogany trees have been used in order to create the basic form of the concept. The elaborated wavy lines design gives an elastic impression that makes the wood structure look “lighter”. A glossy black plastic comes to render the surface giving an impressive effect. The result is an eye catching curvy polished surface where light is reflected, a really striking design object. More than a table the peak oil represents “a synthetic tomb stone, an iconic and slick reminder of those times to pass.”

render © Charlie Davidson


Charlie Davidson

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About Charlie Davidson

Charlie Davidson was born in England on 30th December 1970. He graduated Birmingham Polytechnic 1992 (BA Furniture Design) and upon his graduation he presented his collection at the New Designers show in London. Fascinated by his work, LEGO offered him a creative visionary and concept designer position on a freelance basis. Sony Playstation, Levi’s and BBH followed among others offering the designer the opportunity to explore new areas such as television and photography. His work style is hard to define as it continuously transforms through new influences from different areas. Technology, processes, materials and nature are the inspiration source for Charlie whose philosophy is “Design it simply, make it beautifully and be sure it’s necessary”. Charlie Davidson Studio has participated and awarded in various exhibitions around the world including Frankfurt, London, Milan, New York and Tokyo.

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  • friend
    Solar Attic Fan | 2010-02-03 10:13:52

    β€œDesign it simply, make it beautifully and be sure it's necessary” Charlie Davidson clearly states the tips towards acquiring such an evolutionary trend that helps reflect one's identity. A revolutionary change has welcomed the globe with the advent of technology. Though oil existed to be the protagonist of the industry in the previous years, now the trees and the designer furniture made out of it seems to excel and replace its identity. The hero today is trees. Peak-oil by Charlie Davidson gives you the perfect answer towards understanding this better. Polish your visions of improving your lives, have a look at the Peak-oil. Wonders are made out of the trunks of Mahagony trees here. It's simply amazing to see these beautiful sites as it provides a soothing effect on my eyes and virtually creates and helps me feel a palatial bliss.

  • friend
    Charlie Davidson | 2012-03-31 00:32:36

    That's a fantastic comment, I make things because I can't write, I am dyslexic! Charlie

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