Poncho No.8 by Something From Us

published in: Restaurants/Bars By Ricardo Hernandez, 02 March 2010

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Image Courtesy of Something From Us

It's hard to imagine the California coast and the vividness of Mexico in London right? To prove that in today's world we can really feel at home anywhere and anytime, the young firm, Something From Us, serves a small, yet energetic environment to please our West Coast culinary fix.  Located just in the East End of London in Spitalfields, they've designed Poncho No.8, a gourmet burrito restaurant full of graphic character, fresh appeal and youthful energy. Owned by two young restaurateurs crazy about Mexican cuisine, the concept is to bring the richness and bold flavors of the food into the interior environment to  connect it with its cultural and geographic context.

Image Courtesy of Something From Us

The restaurant serves a culinary fusion of Cali-Mex burritos in a vibrant environment of bold and rich colors, a tasteful use of graphic patterns and the narrative composition of infographics. The small fit-out is fully transparent from the streetscape and its bold graphic draws you in from the street outside.  Something from Us delivers a multi-disciplinary approach to the design process by mixing graphic design, interior design and architecture into one environment. The approach gives Poncho a distinctive brand, with its unique visual vocabulary and gastronomic experience.

Image Courtesy of Something From Us

Bringing a bit of sunshine to London, Something From Us utilizes the floor as an active layer by integrating a herringbone pattern with rich, warm tones. They've energized the vertical planes by incorporating infographics that narrate the story and menu items of the restaurant. The branded environment and communication affords a multi-sensorial stimulation that denotes fast service and gourmet food. Instead of seeing the small fit out as a constraint, Something From Us saw it as an opportunity to package a delightful environment for a unique dining experience.

Image Courtesy of Something From Us

Founded by Mark Irlam and Tom Tobia, Something From Us believes that creative thinking can be applied to many different challenges and as such be involved in a diverse body of projects. The multi-disciplinary studio has completed interiors, graphic design, product design, identities and publication projects. Their involvement extends to social challenges, workshops and other events that integrates them within the London design community. Here at Yatzer, we are pleased and excited to see more from this promising young studio.

Image Courtesy of Something From Us

Image Courtesy of Something From Us


Something From Us

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