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published in: Design By Costas Voyatzis, 22 December 2008

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Creation year: 2004
Material: new ceramics
This product started from two main purposes. First, whenever you wash your dishes, you might have difficulties to find spoon as cutlery sinks deep down into water. Second, it is based on the idea of easy holding. Through making inside empty, it becomes rising to the surface of water like a float. Meanwhile, the spherical shape in the center acts as a supporter to help you when you cut and chop food with less effort.

If you think that observing objects in a new aesthetical and functional way gives unexpected joy of the discovery in beauty or function, then you should check some of Seongyong Lee’s projects. His perspective on common objects gives a new meaning in products most people consider as ordinary. A second glance and everything reveals its beauty, well hidden so far. Wineglass upside down and floating cutlery are only some of the concepts of this young designer who keeps surprising. His talent is the transforming power that reveals a new whole world to our eyes.

7.5 Color Space
Creation year: 2008
Material: ABS, aluminum
Some size of color is needed to provide vitality and a character into a space. The appropriate angle 7.5 of a leaning object neither disturbing people moving nor being unstable itself.

Creation year: 2006
Material: glass
Sometimes observing objects in a new angle gives an unexpected joy of the discovery in beauty or function. ONIV is a work inspired from the shape of a wineglass upside down. In this way, the wineglass newly obtained both beauty and function. The upside down bottom is suitably shaped to put something on. Romantic union is intended by combining a wineglass and a candlestand. If you read ONIV from backwards, you would soon realize where this word originated from.

Stackable Dishes
Creation year: 2007
Material: ABS

There are a lot of apartments in cities owing to the limited space reasons. Cities correspond to tables, accommodations to dishes and people to food. As the food on a table is getting more, the dishes are needed to be stacked like apartment.

Circular Printer
Portable Printer Creation year: 2003
Material: ABS, acrylic, bronze
New printing system based on the circulating movement of the ink head.
Industrial Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), GOLD AWARD (2004 USA)


Seongyong Lee

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    Amazing designs. Truly inspiring!

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