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published in: Interiors By Costas Voyatzis, 18 August 2008

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Designgalleriet at Odengatan 21 is a completely new gallery in central Stockholm with focus on design. Form Us With Love is to be held responsible for the interior design as well as a custom designed room divider. The sound absorbing, foambased room divider is movable and enables adaptation of the gallery space for the various exhibitions that will be held there.

photos by Jonas Lindstrom


Form Us With Love , designgalleriet

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Form Us With Love

About FUWL

Jonas Pettersson, John Löfgren and Petrus Palmér started their studio Form Us With Love in 2005. Form Us With Love focuses on innovative product, furniture and lighting design as well as characteristic custom interiors. With exhibitions in Stockholm, Milan, New York, Tokyo and Barcelona Form Us With Love has attracted attention world wide for their conceptual and idea-based design. Form Us With Love has been awarded with the prestigeous Red Dot design award 2007, Young Swedish design award 06/07 and the EDIDA 2008.
The group works from their office and showroom in Old Town, Stockholm with Swedish and international clients. Some of their most well-known work include the apparently impossible Cord Lamp for Design House Stockholm where the cord, one of the most disturbing decorating details, has been made into an object of art. Or the pioneering Bendable Interior Objects designed in 2005 for B-I-O where flat sheets of aluminium are laser cut and bent into furniture by the end user. The interactive room divider Group Of Trees for public libraries, produced by Materia/Kinnarps, won the Red Dot juries approval for it's innovate approach.
Their work takes inspiration from their lead words Innovation, Interaction and of course, Love, best explained on the Form Us With Love webpage:
What would the world look like without the dynamite, aluminium foil, the zeppelin, bakelite, pogo sticks, the laser, ferris wheels, parachutes, hovercrafts or HTML. Results of daring and unconventional thinking. The FUWL religion is spelled innovation and we are all about pushing the envelope on design. We are determined to explore new paths in our quest for innovation. And if Innovation is our religion then our holy book is called Interaction. Form Us With Love’s main source of inspiration comes from the interaction between man and artefact and here's where we get our ideas and look for our answers. Guided by thorough research and analyses of potential and threat, we search for a better tomorrow. However,  the process is always just the process, then you need a spark of genius and a graal full of passion.”

[official website]

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