Rustical x Industrial by Frank Michels

published in: Design By Ricardo Hernandez, 19 July 2010

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Image Courtesy of Frank Michels

The work of Frank Michels pours with honesty and shows promise. Michels was born and raised in Luxembourg, but he pulls in a diverse background into his work having been exposed to experiences in Italy, Portugal and studying architecture at The Berlin University of the Arts and then finished at the University of Applied Sciences in Postdam. 

portrait of Frank Michels // photo by Sirio Magnabosc

The rustical x industrial series of furnishings approaches functional and emotional sustainability through a series of humble materials. Utilizing chipboard, pinewood, lightweight concrete, MDF and steel, Michels serves the raw nature of the material, searching for a process that would identify the archetypes in a new way. The subtle introduction of color softly dresses the piece's sensations and create a contemporary conversation of craft.

Marcel - coffee table
310 × 1000 × 580 mm, powdercoated steel, chipboard
Image Courtesy of Frank Michels

Axis Mundi - clothes rack with tray
H 1850  ø 680 mm, pinewood, lightweight concrete
Image Courtesy of Frank Michels

The collection is simple, playful and unforced. The pieces do not scream for attention but simply speak to do truth of the material. Even when added color, the material is seen through, showing the wood grain. It is nice to see this collection as they are thoughtful and humanistic. Although a small collection, it shows the diversity of Michels' experiences, stimulation and sensations as well as his process of bringing a singular life to each piece. Michels doesn't force the product and allows the material to run its course while he merely controls it from saying more than it needs to. A very mature process for such a young designer.

Samstag - sideboard & stand-up working table
1090 × 1080 × 480 mm, pine wood
Image Courtesy of Frank Michels

The rustical x industrial collection is the final work of his bachelor while mentored by Prof. Jörg Hundertpfund & Prof. Hermann Weizenegger (FH Potsdam, Spring 2010).

Soot - side table
H 360  ø 650 mm, black MDF
Image Courtesy of Frank Michels


Frank Michels

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About Frank Michels

1984 born and raised in Luxembourg. Frank Michels grew up with a father who is a passionate painter and a mother with a particular interest in antiques & furniture. Currently living and working in Berlin.

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