STOCKHOLM Furniture Fair 2011 // Happy 60th!

published in: Design By Emma Elizabeth, 23 February 2011

Pin It & Yatzer welcomes in the 2011 design year at the wonderful 60th anniversary of the Stockholm Furniture Fair. The Scandinavians are world renowned for their unique style in design, and Emma Elizabeth introduces us to one of their innovative designers Nicolette Brunklaus with her Recycled Memories collection.


Stockholm Furniture Fair

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Brunklaus Nicolette

About Nicolette Brunklaus

Nicolette Brunklaus was educated as an artist, she worked as an autonomous artist till 1992. A big change in direction came in 1993 when she started to design interior products. In 1998 she established her own label Brunklaus Amsterdam At this moment Brunklaus Amsterdam runs a wholesale company that sells products worldwide. The designs are seen in private houses as well as in public buildings such as hotels, offices and musea.

[official website]
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    Ethan | 2011-03-07 03:52:41

    Wow,,,what a great furniture. Amazing...

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