Sam Baron for Vista Alegre

published in: Design By Yatzer, 30 January 2009

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Royal Actual by Sam Baron
for Portuguese porcelain manufacturers Vista Alegre

The Vista Alegre manufacturing qualities, either human or technical are really fascinating for a designer and give a project a special value and a certain responsibility: the lives dedicated to the savoir faire, the brand Implantation around the world and the numbers of items that are produced each years.
Using some 2D or 3D details from the museum collection or from the production pieces and mixing them on actual volumes as cylinders, Sam Baron is designing his own the Vista Alegre DNA. It has been for me an occasion of deep immersion into the world of porcelain, fragility, whiteness and decor, whilst always keeping in mind the best way to design some pieces that will translate a contemporary and personal vision of tomorrow for the brand.
My project mixes and highlights the values of Vista Alegre, ex royal company, whilst sustaining an awareness of the different personalities of the people that will help to make this collection happen. The understanding of the meaning of the concept from the maker, to the marketing director through the technical engineer, has been the key to the success of the enjoyability of this collaboration with the French designer. Creating a bridge between what is normally produced by the manufacture and the next life style habits of their customers, the royal actual collection joins some practical and some decorative pieces such as plates and cups with fruit bowls, vases and lamps.


Vista Alegre

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About Sam Baron

Course at St Etienne Fine-arts and at the National School of Decorative Arts of Paris Sam Baron has been assistant for designers such as François Bauchet , Kristian Gavoille and Garouste & Bonetti. Free-lance designer since 2001 he worked for brands such as Louis Vuitton, Christfole, de Beers, l’Oréal, Zanotta and Dinh Van. He is the art director of Fabrica (Benetton Group) design deparment since 2005. Winner of various awards as the City of Paris award, best exhibition award at designers block à Tokyo, and this year the Tableware award from the Elle Decor french magazine. His work had been presented at Cooper Hewit museum in New York, at the Museum of Modern Art of Luxembourg, Pompodou Museum and Stiftung Stadt museum in Berlin.

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