Utiles & [F]utiles by Sam Baron for secondome

published in: Design By Costas Voyatzis, 30 January 2009

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Utiles collection by Sam Baron for secondome

Utiles [F]utiles is the new double glass collection designed by Sam Baron, the art director of Fabrica Features, for Secondome. In this new edition the rational shape is opposed to the baroque. In the handles there is the essence of these two big collections that the French designer has created for the roman gallery. In the Utiles collection there are 3 basic shapes moulded to create 6 special objects, 3 fruits bowls that look like bags for ladies, a giant and imposing vase with neoclassical dimensions, a big water carafe and a vase à porter.

[F]utiles collection by Sam Baron for secondome

The [F]utiles collection has a baroque taste with a frivolous essence. Dimensions are generous for all the pieces of the collection: a double handle vase, a giant water carafe and an impressive fruit pot, a normal carafe with a sumptuous handle.
The young Fabrica hopes have generated these unusual products.
The Portuguese designer Gonçalo Campos has given the soul to the Sede carafe; he has imagined a carafe that assumes various positions like a living creature, expressing a movement. By Campos is also the fruit bowl Fruit, created from the relation between the archetypal shape of the object and its typical function. The young Nigerian Jade Follawi has revisited the candleholder with its tubes chaotically stacked one on top of each other, but stands firm as a climaxing glass tower (Stick Stack Tall) and a centrepiece (Stick Stack Long) in limited edition, 33 pieces the first and 99 the second. Broken Glass is the fruit bowl of Tak Cheung , American, that had woven a glass cobweb. The Italian Valentina Carretta, completed her collection Funny Fauna with a duck shaped water carafe.

For the manufacturing of this collection Secondome has used mouth-blown borosilicate glass.

The collection is made up of 14 mouth-blown glass pieces, meant to be cake covers, roast covers, pitchers or simply sculptures:
- Pick a fruit, with a pear-shaped handle;
- Dinner time, a roast chicken-shaped roast cover;
- Glass Martians, four different models of Martian-shaped bells;
- Upside down, subtly provocative cheese covers with handles reproducing cognac, red and white wine glasses;
- Funny fauna, a trio including a snail-shaped bowl for candies, a giraffe-shaped flower pot and a wine pot shaped like a chick with a beak and claws; - Floating flora, a limited edition tree branch-shaped centrepiece and sculpture.

With this new edition Secondome Design Gallery has enriched the collection, aiming to a truly sensational project: making your dinner table and home unique and personal.

About Secondome
Claudia Pignatale, Italian architect, thought -up and set-up Secondome, a design gallery and a concept store, that now becomes a brand. Born in 2006, Secondome headquarter is located inside Palazzo Scapucci, also known as “Palazzo della Scimmia”, in the centre of Rome. Dually identifiable as a gallery and showroom, this unique space presents a very exciting selection of contemporary design. The best in international design is shown in the gallery and theme exhibitions are renewed every two months. This character marks the important rule that Secondome has: bringing international design to Rome and exporting Italian design and Italian creativity in the world



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Baron Sam

About Sam Baron

Course at St Etienne Fine-arts and at the National School of Decorative Arts of Paris Sam Baron has been assistant for designers such as François Bauchet , Kristian Gavoille and Garouste & Bonetti. Free-lance designer since 2001 he worked for brands such as Louis Vuitton, Christfole, de Beers, l’Oréal, Zanotta and Dinh Van. He is the art director of Fabrica (Benetton Group) design deparment since 2005. Winner of various awards as the City of Paris award, best exhibition award at designers block à Tokyo, and this year the Tableware award from the Elle Decor french magazine. His work had been presented at Cooper Hewit museum in New York, at the Museum of Modern Art of Luxembourg, Pompodou Museum and Stiftung Stadt museum in Berlin.

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