Sebastian Schonheit

published in: Design By Costas Voyatzis, 20 August 2008

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His name is Sebastian Schönheit, a design student  at the Bauhaus Universty Weimar / Germany.

He exhibits the "giant knit carpet" at Beijing's 798 art district. The exhibition is titled TWO BLOCKS EAST WEST, and will take place in Beijing's 798 art district. from the 30th  of November 2008

knitted carpet
An oversized knitwork which appears as if it originated in a different world. A hand-knitted carpet, not only representing the result itself but also the process of work as a performing act with the intention to create a product identidity, creating a reference to material and handcraft tradition.
material: polyamide rope

Astgabel coatrack
A coatrack, vitally reduced in form and shape, standing nonchalantly on two feet to let it lean against a wall. Mouldings at the bar's ends offer plenty of possibilities to store hats, scarfs and coats.
material: ash tree 300


Sebastian Schönheit

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    Doreen | 2008-09-20 21:27:54

    So cute! LOL. Made my day! Thanks. Doreen

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