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published in: Art By Costas Voyatzis, 20 May 2009

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The next generation of creative talent? It’s right here.
Swatch MTV Playground is an exciting new community that builds upon the Behance Network website to showcase creative talent from across the globe. And as the very best creative talent out there right now, we want you to help get things started.
Along with the Behance Network – a creative space already established as somewhere to go if you want to get noticed – Swatch MTV Playground will create the biggest international collective of imaginative minds and designers from around the world. And get them talking to each other.
As a founding member, you’ll help shape that community. Drive it forward. Influence the talent of the future.
You’ll also be expressing yourself the way you know best – with creative thought. The community envisioned by Swatch, MTV and Behance is one where you’ll interact with your peers in a place where you can let your imagination run riot.
The next generation of creative minds can pick your brains as someone already established in the creative space. And you’ll be reaching the worldwide MTV audience too.
Put yourself out there.


Swatch MTV Playground

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