TDW 2010 // JAPAIN ... from Spain to Japan!

published in: Design By Emma Elizabeth, 29 November 2010

Pin It and made a visit during Valencia Design Week 2010 to the CuldeSac head office for the pre-launch of JAPAIN. Japan + Spain = JAPAIN. Now Emma Elizabeth visits the exhibition at Tokyo Designers Week 2010. Working with illustrator Paco Roca, the CuldeSac team transformed and transported a series of Spanish design works to the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo, with stunning design results!


Tokyo Designers Week 2010

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About CuldeSac™

CuldeSac™ is more than a studio. It´s a creative lab, a space for collaboration on different fields of expertise. It was founded as a melting pot for professionals to dialogue and exchange knowledge. Founded in 2002, CuldeSac™ is headed today by Alberto Martinez and Pepe Garcia (CuldeSac™ Espacio Creativo and founders), Juan Poveda and Xavi Sempere (CuldeSac™ Comunicación) and Garen Moreno and Sophie von Schönburg (CuldeSac™ Experience). Despite the fact that its founders studied at the Royal College of Art in London, the studio decided to settle in Valencia due to its quality of life. The city’s relaxed atmosphere inspirates a place of interdisciplinary work on architecture, interiors, product and graphics design, communication and branding, events and PR. Among its distinguished disparate customers, Tiffany&Co, Lladró, Bernhardt Design, H&M, Swarovski or Aston Martin.

[official website]

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