The Exploded Portraits of Lola Dupré

published in: Graphics, Art By Apostolos Mitsios, 09 October 2011

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photo © Lola Dupré

photo © Lola Dupré

Have you ever imagined what you can create only by using printed images, glue and a pair of scissors? Lola Dupré, a young artist who is currently working in Glasgow but is soon to move to the south of France, is using those basic elements in order to pay homage to the work of famous artists like Man Ray and Vermeer. Lola, who defines herself as a collage artist and illustrator, caused a big buzz with her recent works that could be defined as kaleidoscope explosion portraits. One cannot but simply admire her remarkable technique and the meticulous working process that lies behind the dazzling optical illusions that she creates. Moreover, what we love about her works is that despite the ''explosive'' treatment that Lola Dupré puts the original portraits through, the final result is equally, or even more, dynamic and complex.

photo © Lola Dupré

Exploded Chuck Close // photo © Lola Dupré

Dupré’s latest exhibition, called ''Shrapnel'', is going to take place at the Phone Booth Gallery, Long Beach/California, from October 8th to November 5th 2011. The show will consist entirely of her ''Exploded'' series of portraits, featuring the likes of world renowned inventor Nikola Tesla and legendary Japanese actress Tura Satana - the famous Varla in Russ Meyer’s ‘Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!’ film. Lola Dupré proves, through her work, that reinterpretation should not be confused with uninspired repetition and that a good dose of humor can make us see reality from a different perspective. Yatzer, totally taken by the freshness of the pieces, strongly recommends the exhibition and promises to keep an eye on Dupré’s work in the near future.

Exploded Tura Satana // photo © Lola Dupré

Exploded Human Eye // photo © Lola Dupré

Exploded Man Ray // photo © Lola Dupré

photo © Lola Dupré

Exploded Girl with the Pearl Earing, Vermeer // photo © Lola Dupré

Exploded Nina Simone // photo © Lola Dupré

Exploded Al Capone // photo © Lola Dupré

Exploded Picasso // photo © Lola Dupré

making of // photo © Lola Dupré


Lola Dupré

  • friend
    Raluca Beldiman | 2011-10-10 12:38:07

    I admire the hard work and the imagination needed to select the works who get to be reinterpreted. The outcome is very cool, especially when is hand-made. Congrats!

  • friend
    rock | 2011-10-13 12:49:23

    great to see imaginative hand-made work done well

  • friend
    George Zografos | 2011-10-14 16:59:02

    Fascinating....! One of the best contemporary artworks ever seen.. Pure expressionism

  • friend
    vasilis asimakopoulos | 2011-11-11 15:46:22

    Anyone interested should also check out 2D work by David Mach.

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