The endless rain record by Kyouei Design

published in: Design, Music By Guest, 01 September 2009

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Image Courtesy of Kyouei Design

Guest Contribution by Stephanie Nahas

The endless rain record is a new design by Kyouei Design for the RAIN exhibition – part of Taiwan Designer’s Week 2009. The event is already in full swing, as it started August 28th and ends September 6th in Taipei, Taiwan. The exhibition demonstrates several designers and their products expressing a rain-theme. The phonograph record plays an nonstop track of rain noises.  Kyouei plans to reveal the records through turntables, in order to convey the sound of various drippings.

All tracks are written and produced by Kouichi Okamoto from Kyouei Design.

Image Courtesy of Kyouei Design


Image Courtesy of Kyouei Design

1,rain soundγ 10'00. 00'01''8loop

1.droop sound a 00'01''8loop
2.droop sound b 00'01''8loop
3.droop sound c 00'01''8loop
4.droop sound d 00'01''8loop
5.droop sound e 00'01''8loop

Image Courtesy of Kyouei Design

Image Courtesy of Kyouei Design


Kyouei Design

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    SorenPenn | 2015-01-27 19:14:22

    How is the record endless if I might ask?

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