The melting aircrafts

published in: Art By Costas Voyatzis, 23 July 2008

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REPLACE by Nomint for Carteco

Replace is the first video in the "more on materiality" series created by Nomint Motion Design for Carteco
Carteco is a well known architectural supplies brand highly and diversely involved in the world of design.
The video is inspired by concept-slogan "materiality now", a centerpiece of the CARTECO identity.
Replace is a mixed media production with live shooting, cg elements and motion graphics. It was filmed exclusively in Greece in high definition digital format.
The whole project lasted 3 months from concept to completion.
Replace presents us with an impossible hypothesis, a quasi-melting of the icecaps in a material world scenario and our shifting viewing angle: from raising awareness and the hype to indifference.

All videos οf the series will explore different facets of materiality.


Carteco , Nomint

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