Toppstöðin Centre For The Creative Industry

published in: Design, Fashion, Exhibitions By Guest, 20 April 2011

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Installation during DesignMarch 2011, Image Courtesy of

Guest Contribution by Ranti Bamgbala

''Power into the future with Toppstöðin's centre for the creative industry.''  Toppstöðin, meaning 'peak station', was originally an old reserve power station built in 1948 as part of The Marshall Plan, used to boost energy supply when the locals needed it. The station has been dormant since the eighties. That is until now!

Installation during DesignMarch 2011, Image Courtesy of Toppstöðin

Boom! To walk into the Toppstöðin station is to be powerfully inspired and to have all your creative ideas realised at once. In 2009 the station has been reclaimed, revitalised, and repowered up with a new focus. The sheer magnitude of the Toppstöðin's 6400 sq.m space, coupled with its industrious, yet illustrious feel, gives space for creativity to pour forth free and abandoned. This definitely assists Toppstöðin towards achieving its aims which include educating and spreading awareness on those hot topics of sustainability, quality and design thorough lectures, exhibitions, and workshops.  However, the station’s current operations take place in 600 sq.m where 22 innovators have their offices, workshops and production area.

Installation during DesignMarch 2011, Image Courtesy of

As a non-profit  organisation, funded by the city of Reykjavik, the centre is rent free; its main aim to be a supportive and nurturing hotbed for all creative’s to develop their ideas. Collaboration is being formed with a wide group ranging from other innovation centers and schools, to the University of Iceland and companies within the local industry. Presently home to architects, designers, inventors and toy designers, Toppstöðin is firing on all cylinders.

Installation during DesignMarch 2011, Image Courtesy of

Lúka Art & Design, Image Courtesy of


Rafstöðvarvegi, 110 Reykjavik, Iceland

Installation during DesignMarch 2011, Image Courtesy of



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