UNIQLO MEGASTORE in Tokyo by Curiosity

published in: Architecture, Fashion By Costas Voyatzis, 03 June 2009

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photo © Nacasa & Partners

Tokyo based design studio, Curiosity has completed the design of the Uniqlo Megastore that has opened near Shinjuku station in Tokyo. The new design is strongly influenced by the Tokyo urban landscape and the large entrance, marked with three display towers, recreates a mini-Shinjuku city. As the lighting floor wraps the towers in a glow of light that illuminates the surrounding streets, the shop becomes an active element of the street: attractive, reliable, and secure. The new Uniqlo Megastore adds a civic dimension to its commercial purpose.

photo © Nacasa & Partners

The façade is composed of two surfaces with geometrical lit lines. The lines make the materiality of the facade and architecture disappear so that only the Uniqlo logos remain in the complex maze of neon and information of the virtual city that Tokyo becomes at night.

photo © Nacasa & Partners

The layout and angulations of the towers blur the boundaries between the street and the retail space, creating a unique environment in a busy street of Shinjuku.

photo © Nacasa & Partners


The city seems to have become human scale as you move freely around the three towers. The vertical displays of the entrance are reflected on the mirrored wall creating an amazing gallery of displays, a maze of reflections of reflections, the tower seeming to be inserted within the interior of the shop.

photo © Nacasa & Partners

The challenge of the interior is for it not to 'exist'. Only the clothes should be visible. Display furniture is not only reduced to the minimum but also 'designed' to be non-existent with materials selected for their immateriality. A lighting ceiling displays and counters work together to remove the shadows creating an abstract retail environment where products and customers seem to float in a white glow.

photo © Nacasa & Partners

photo © Nacasa & Partners



  • friend
    Haifa | 2009-06-03 07:44:57

    nice store design !! it really makes me feel dizzy, becoz its wowing

  • friend
    yatzerina | 2009-06-05 09:50:51

    "Curiosity" .... Nicolas..... No words to describe my admiration for their work! WE WANT MORE!

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