V.O.W N°28 //Horses - A 3D paper-craft poster project

published in: Graphics, Art, V.O.W By Ricardo Hernandez, 14 July 2011

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V.O.W N°28 (11 - 17 July 2011)

Posters are an integral part of visual and music culture. Many of our beloved epic designers started their careers developing graphics for music bands and it was through that experience, that they fell in love with visual communication and the connection it has with viewers. This week, we bring you a special and quite different kind of music poster. The UK based band Dry the River collaborated with Xavier Barrade from FOAM to unfold a dimensional experience for their latest song Horses.

The poster contains a three dimensional horse, created in Google Sketchup and then printed and folded to create an impressive structure when displayed throughout the city. Each component of the horse is assembled by hand and then installed across the city. Each horse structure took around 35 hours to complete and the rewards are nothing but remarkable. Watch the video and see the various reactions the posters have on the city dwellers. Will we see more of these 3D paper posters out in our cities? Let's hope so...

Video screen shot

Also, check out Xavier's latest project which invites everyone to participate in drawing illustrations on the infinite canvas at epicexquisitecorpse.com.  We can see that participation and interaction is part of Xavier's vision in his art.

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