V.O.W N°18 // A128: A Documentary About Illustration

published in: Graphics, V.O.W By Ricardo Hernandez, 05 May 2011

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V.O.W N°18 (Video Of the Week, 1 - 8 May 2011)

Illustration is more than drawing. It is more than color. Illustration is the craft that amalgamates communication, delivery and story-telling of complex information into visual form. It is always changing, evolving and unique. It is molded and defined by the complexity or simplicity of the communication problem and the experiences of the designer. Take an intimate look inside the 2011 graduating class of Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada; learn from young designers and their mentors the essence and challenges that illustration tackles in our everyday lives.

We are culturally attached to the power of illustrations. Daily human life was recorded through illustrations. We might not realize it, but this craft is ingrained in our daily lives and takes a huge role on how we interact with our surroundings. Illustration is fundamental to our daily lives as it is informative, entertainment, instructional, persuasive and a threshold to understanding the world visually. Although technology helps us leverage the speed and delivery on how we create illustration, the process of developing the most efficient and expressive way to communicate still lies in the fundamentals of art.

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In between the pursuit of creative freedom and the constraints of communicating visually lies the essence of illustration. In this V.O.W. >>A128: a documentary about illustration<<  by Miguel Barbosa (YEAH!Films),  an independent filmmaker from Toronto, we look inside the lives of students and artists pursuing a life through illustration. They speak on what it means to them, how they came about doing it and some of the challenges they face as visual communicators.  At Yatzer, we love sharing the great and diverse results from artists and designers across the globe but it is always a joy to see why people do what they do and how it fulfills their lives. We VOW to all illustrators helping us understand the world around us better and sharing with us the passion and adventure of every line they create.

Director/Editor Miguel Barbosa @yeahfilms
Co-Director Jason Matos @jasonmatos
Producer/Animation @adamwinnik
Website Design Trevor Blades @trevorblades

Twigg & Stone @twiggandstone
Sasha Szlafarski @sashaszlafarski

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    Sonia Silva | 2013-06-29 06:36:53

    Well. this article was great!! It remembers me why I became a Graphic Designer, I know it's not the same but we're into the same world -a visual world- and it's incredible how many things we can do without words... Just wonderful!! thanks for reading me ;)

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