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published in: Design By Marcia Argyriades, 02 June 2010

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1st prize //astiko hromoswma 1
Pavlina Vardoulaki, Pinelope Vasilaki, Anastasia Verteouri, Katerina Galaktiou, Dragana Martsetis, Helena Ifanti and Anna Hazapi
Greece-Athens, Vosnia Erzegovina- Prijedor

Just to refresh your memory, three months ago Yatzer posted an article on Athens Bench Mark. So three months later, some of you have unveiled the creative side of your personality for the Future Bench.   The three winning proposals were showcased amongst the 50 winning designs in an exhibition at Technopolis, Athens*GR. 

2d prize // futurecyclebench
Antonela Nikolopoulou, Netherlands-Eindhoven

3d prize A // draw-extrude
Evaggelia Repuskou, Greece-Athens

3d prize B // 002
Katerina Kanellopoulou and Elina Tseliagou, Greece-Athens

The Future Bench Mark which was exclusively sponsored by Bombay Sapphire gin, was ideal for those who wanted to design more creative forms and not stick to the technical guidelines which a production bench has.  The designers got to work and surely left their imagination run wild as they submitted designs from February 23, 2010 to April 26, 2010.  During this period more than 28,000 people voted for the 50 most creative design proposals which they liked the best.  The proposals with the highest scores won the Audience Award for most voted design and were then showcased at Technopolis from May 11 – 18, 2010.  Additionally, the evaluating committee selected the top three proposals, from the 50 most popular designs and accordingly awarded the winners prizes by rank of choice: 3,000 Euros for the 1st place; 2,000 Euros for the 2nd place and 1,000 Euros for the 3rd place. Furthermore, the winning design will be developed and installed within the city of Athens*GR for the civilians to enjoy!

some of our favorite proposals are posted below //


ROCK_ING BENCH by Vasiliki Kotrokoi

HOTARU by Maria Yuki Nikitaki

Barrel Bench by Nikolaos Karabinis

The "breathing" bech by Romanos Gortsios

Folding bench by Evdokia Xexaki

city by Elias Georgakopoulos

Transformable Bench by Aristidis Antonas

Athens' bench a peel by Macarena Banuelos


city wave by B.Stroubakos and G.Sarantopoulou


On the opening night of May 11, 2010 all eyes were set on Technopolis in Gazi; the time had come for the fifty most popular Future Benches to be awarded.  The Audience Award with 28.000 on-line votes, was given by Bombay Sapphire gin, the exclusive sponsor of the event.  Other awards were given by the Mayor of Athens*GR Nikitas Kaklamanis, and Princess Irene of Greece and Denmark.  People from the world of the arts and design responded to the warm invite of the President of The World of Athens, Ms. Tatiana Karapanagiotis and had the opportunity to enjoy the fifty most popular designs as they tasted mouthwatering Bombay Sapphire cocktails.  

Audience Award // Athens'Flo by Katerina Dimitriou

Bombay Sapphire has not only left a benchmark in our taste buds after tasting the delicious Bombay Sapphire cocktails at the event, but above all it has left a benchmark in the world of style, as the brand supports creative designers for more than 25 years now.

We do hope that this collaborative initiative of “The World of Athens” and “The City of Athens” will help advance the quality of city life in Athens*GR, the city which Yatzer loves so much!


Athens Bench Mark

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