XY-Quad and X-Pan by Victor Vetterlein

published in: Design By Guest, 10 July 2009

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Guest Contribution by Pascal Panagiotidis

When it comes to eXcellence and stYle just have a closer look and read between the lines. Words could hide a designer's secret or even reveal his new project.  This is the case of Victor Vetterlein with his new concepts: XY-Quad,  an aluminium and glass dining work table and X-Pan, an aluminium ceiling light. X and Y are the basic elements for the work table as Four X's form the canopy and four Y's are used for the trunks. The materials used in preparation of this table make it suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

As for the X-Pan, it allows the user to manually adjust the amount of emitted light. Using 14 watt torpedo compact fluorescent lamps and two brass sleeved connector rods that allow the lamp shields to be opened or closed with ease, this ceiling light is the best alternative to a dimmer switch. You can manage to double the amount of light  by adjusting the lamp in the open position. If you need less amount of light you just close the lamp and the light is focused downward. This is what we call 'manual light mutation'.


Victor Vetterlein

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About Victor Vetterlein

Victor Wayne Vetterlein, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, was raised in a design and engineering family. His grandfather was a mechanical engineer, his uncle a nautical engineer, and his aunt a realist painter.  Design and engineering topics were common topics in the family circle.
Vetterlein received a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from Colorado State University, along with a Liberal Arts minor in Sculpture.  Vetterlein went on to receive a Master of Architecture with honors at the University of Washington in Seattle in 1997.
Upon receiving his degree, Vetterlein moved to New York City where he apprenticed as an architect in the office of Charles Gwathemy and the office of Thierry Despont where he became an Associate.
In 2002, he formed the design company PLUSarchitecture in collaboration with Danish architect Martin Stigsgaard and Japanese architect Masayuki Sono.  2007 brought the creation of Victor Vetterlein Ltd.-an office with an emphasis on architecture and industrial design.

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    luther zumthar | 2009-07-11 03:46:32

    Mind-bending design. I want that table double length for my office conference table. It seems to say no no no at the same time as yes yes yes. That will keep-em guessing!

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