Yatzer in St.Tropez // part.02

published in: Travel By Costas Voyatzis, 26 September 2009

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general view of St.Tropez from "Aquariva super" yacht // photo © Yatzer

There are moments in every person’s life that he wishes these moments would never end and the feelings that are felt to be kept alive for eternity. Unfortunately this is not possible, but luckily through our memory and our descriptions we can take ourselves back to that moment of time.

With great excitement I am going to relive one of these memories with you and take you through my journey to St. Tropez.

As the founder of Yatzer I had the privileged honor to be amongst the strict and very closed circuit  guessed list that invited a very exclusive group to attend the presentation of the new 86'DOMINO yacht by Riva in St. Tropez. Riva has been responsible for the glorious iconic boats of the 60’s together with the golden age of the Dolce Vita Lifestyle, and still to this day it is the name that exerts aristocracy, design and glamour.  The greatest awaiting surprise for all the attendees was going to be the unveiling of their newest high end exclusive baby carrying the name 86’ Domino which was going to be viewed by the public for the very first time.


a chilled Veuve Clicquot bottle & the view of the room 31, hotel Ermitage, St.Tropez // photo © Yatzer

At this point I will like to take the opportunity to gratefully and respectfully thank Mrs. Lia Riva, whom I met a year ago on the Seine boat dinner arranged by Veuve Clicquot, and while she was talking to me and describing this event which was to come it sounded to me like a dream. ‘Mrs. Riva thank you for converting the dream into reality’.

As I'm ready to share with you this adventure I would also like to address the grandest thank you to the family of Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin for her loyalty and in particular to the International Communications Director Mr. Stephan Gerschel  for his faith and love that he has shown towards Yatzer.

Lia Riva, Costas Voyatzis & Stephane Gerchel on the Seine boat dinner, Paris 2008

DAY No.1
Arriving in Nice I was chauffeured by the wonderful driver Taieb, (Mer & Soleil Limousine) to St. Tropez and to the distinctive hotel Ermitage. The Ermitage reflects time and history that has gone by through its interiors and finishes. It reflects a longing and you wonder what these walls have heard and who has slept in the beds throughout time. It is a pure example of bringing the wonderful exterior inside to coexist with nature. It has been recently bought by Mr. André Saraiva, the man responsible for the successful night life of Le Baron & Montana's and many more. It is definitely a case of ‘something to watch out for’ as it is going to be renovated with names that have agreed to participate from the decoration world such as Marc Newson, Olivier Zahm, and Aaron Young.

breakfast at Ermitage // photo © Yatzer

exterior view of Ermitage // photo © Yatzer

lounge & bar at Ermitage // photo © Yatzer

 the KING suite of Ermitage // photo © Yatzer

 the KING suite of Ermitage // photo © Yatzer

artwork in the KING suite by André Saraiva // photo © Yatzer

The room number was 31, the view exquisite, (I highly recommend it) the champagne VCP and the itenary of the weekend to come greeted me with joy. In the evening the Very Important People (everyone who was someone of excellence) were gathered at Place de la Mairie outside the new RIVA Yacht Showroom. The Showroom is a small traditional space that blends into the surroundings with a touch of warm luxury in the interior. It reflects the classic and longlasting history of this company. Respectful, stylish and inviting.  One can say that it reminds you of a small gem that once you enter the space you discover its glow Amongst the guest’s was the famous Adriane Galisteu, TV hostesses Sao Paolo and Alexandre Iodice, from the famous brand IODICE in Brazil both of whom made this weekend all that much more special. After the launch followed a beautiful dinner at the famous Joseph restaurant with great company which lasted until the very early hours of the next day

the room 31 // photo © Yatzer

the chess insired bathroom of room 31 // photo © Yatzer

Ermiatge's bar // photo © Yatzer

VCP bar outside the RIVA showroom photo © Yatzer

DAY No.2
The next morning the VCP Bentley with the beloved driver Stephane Gerschel (International Communications Director VCP), drove us to the port were we had the unique opportunity to get on board every single Riva Yacht docked and see up close the reason why this company represents the highest excellence and quality in design. Of course as you don’t buy shoes without trying them we didn’t experience the sensation without taking them out to sea. The power of the engines were cutting the waves in half and the
smooth lines of the RIVA Yachts were proving their excellence.

VCP Bentley at the marina // photo © Yatzer

photo © Yatzer

while we were experiencing the ultimate RIVA feeling // photo © Yatzer

the heart of a RIVA yacht //  photo © Yatzer

AQUARIVA super // photo © RIVA

AQUARIVA super // photo © RIVA

AQUARIVA super // photo © RIVA

having fun inside the beautiful "AQUARIVA super" // photo © Yatzer

After the whole day of speed fun followed a lunch at LA PLAGE des Salins and shortly after we all met at the terrace of Jean Réveille to glorify the famous Riva Family baby  86’DOMINO. Please refer to the tribute YATZER posted on Wednesday 9th September for the 86’DOMINO. If you have not seen it yet what are you waiting for?

 The new 86'DOMINO by RIVA
Exterior photo: Jerome Kelagopian
Courtesy of RIVA yacht

Adriane Galisteu enjoying the sea with a VCP bottle in her hands // photo © Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin

exquisite food at LA PLAGE des Salins //  photo © Yatzer

panoramic view of LA PLAGE des Salins //  photo © Yatzer

Adriane Galisteu & Alexandre Iodice //  photo © Yatzer

Later that night we sailed in another type of sea with the tunes of the grand Les Caves Du Roy Bar in St Tropez as our sailing boat. This was hosted in the quarters of none other then one of the swankiest Hotels in the world; Hotel Byblos.  The club entrance is free if you can make it past the doorman, but since you usually have to be a millionaire, a model or royalty to do so, it might prove tough. Actually that's not completely true: you can get access if you look right and seem to belong. Fortunately, we had the magic password ‘RIVA’ and once inside the VCP in our hands was endless and our ritual of ending the night when the sun is about to rise was once more succeeded. The rest I leave to your imagination.

DAY No.3
The last day was full of surprises, after enjoying a delicacy breakfast prepared by the Patisserie Sénéquier, St Tropez // we got on board the biggest RIVA Yacht named IONA G with once more a great company. Our destination Le Club 55, the place to be and be seen. And of course the much beloved photographer David Hamilton which believe me one thing that anyone can not do is not notice him, was there! Bentley’s, Ferrari’s, diamonds, Beluga Caviar the whole package. However No matter how famous or well known, guests should expect to fight for prime lounger near the water. Bridget Bardot said it was her favourite, thus creating one of the first beach clubs along Pampelonne Beach with a sexy scene of sunning celebrities and gourmet cuisine that’s hotter than ever after 50-years.

enjoying the sun while enjoying chilled VCP champaigne on the deck of IONA G  //  photo © Yatzer

the sandy beach of Le Club 55 //  photo © Yatzer

Our return ride from Le Club 55 was another dream boat. Christian Audigier’s personal Yacht where Adriane Galisteu did not miss the opportunity to be photographed wearing a selection from his collection and possibly she may be the new face of the campaign to come.

lunch time at Le Club 55 //  photo © Yatzer

on Christian Audigier's yacht // photo © Yatzer

on Christian Audigier's yacht // photo © Yatzer

In the evening Alexandre Iodice together with Adriane Galisteu and Stephane Gerschel invited us to a breath taking dinner for four “a la Italien”, at the glorious garden of the restaurant Casa Cri. (12 rue Etienne Berny, 83990 St.Tropez). The company was inspiring the scenery idyllic and the Veuve Clicquot flowing. As all things come to an end with this statement the last memory is concluded.

Overall it was a weekend which included a taste of the fast passing and luxurious lifestyle of the RIVA world. A world that I enjoyed and was honored to be a part of, a world that dreams are transformed into a reality, a world that demands excellence in the transport that will take you to your dream and never fails to deliver .


Veuve Clicquot

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