'Inception Park' in Buenos Aires

29 February 2012 No Comments

How convenient would it be not only live and work but also play in your city? We are all taken back to a time we rode our first roller coaster, experienced our first fantasy world or our first thrill with friends and family. Experience Buenos Aires like no one else has. Jump aboard the urban roller-coaster and move through the city's history. [...]

365 Charming Everyday Things

28 February 2012 No Comments

We are all creatures of habit. Every day, we render our lives over to objects that may be small or only occupy a fraction of our day. The exhibition 365, Charming Everyday Things, looks at an everyday collection of Japanese objects and how they inhabit an everyday routine. [...]

Yatzer In The City Of Samba

26 February 2012 {7} Comments

Passion, Champagne and Samba.... Three words that most probably best describe the reason behind my mischievous disappearance over the past week. Where to begin? [...]

Italia Veloce On A Road Near You

21 February 2012 {3} Comments

The aim of Italia Veloce is to offer a top-of-the-line bike whose styling features artistic and cultural references and to rediscover the value of making things by hand. [...]

DIPLOMATES > The Connoisseurs Of Custom-Build Design

16 February 2012 {1} Comment

DIPLOMATES is a single-source design and production studio specializing in the conceptualization and production of tailor-made projects. Formed by a group of versatile and creative individuals, DIPLOMATES offers 'newness' and progression in production design, through the delivery of concepts that always carry the pulse of the brand. [...]

FACETURE by Phil Cuttance

15 February 2012 {6} Comments

Phil Cuttance, one of the most talented designers of the New Zealand design scene, presents his FACETURE project, comprising handmade faceted vessels, light-shades and even a table. Get ready to be amazed by the sleek look of his creations and the great craftsmanship hidden behind them. [...]

Vela De by all(zone) In Bangkok

14 February 2012 No Comments

Glass, reflective metal, mirrors and floating fashion all merge together in an urban and unexpected site to comprise ‘Vela De’, the latest interior project from all(zone) in Thonglor, Bangkok. [...]

Apartment On Oscar Freire Str. in São Paulo by Felipe Hess

12 February 2012 {12} Comments

Felipe Hess gives Yatzer the exclusive look into his most recently completed project. A residence that is surrounded by many glorious names & a design for the truly open. [...]