Yatzer at '1900 The Barber Shop' with Kiehl's Greece

Shortly before every well-groomed gentleman traded the scorching heat of Athens for a seaside vacation on the islands, Kiehl’s Greece invited Yatzer’s editor-in-chief Costas Voyatzis to sample its Ultimate Shaving Experience at '1900 – The Barber Shop'. [...]

Jamie’s Italian in Westfield, Stratford City

31 July 2012 No Comments

Jamie Oliver and Blacksheep have created an Italian Restaurant that does not comply with any stereotypical molds. It’s all about the Brit of Westfield. [...]

City Circus Hostel in Athens, Greece

Fresh off our recent story on 'The Independente' in Lisbon Portugal, hot off the press comes a new buzz of yet another hip hostel - and in Yatzer’s very own backyard. The City Circus is a restored mansion in the hip central neighborhood of Psirri in Athens. Could the hostel be having a moment? Take a closer look at City Circus with us and see for yourself. [...]

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Trace Room by Atelier ChanChan

27 July 2012 No Comments

Architecture is bound by the vertical and horizontal surfaces that shape volumes which define our habitable spaces. It is these surfaces that in turn move, project, separate and lead us to experience moments within the built environment. So what happens to architecture when we are able to stretch these boundaries? [...]

'Misunderstanding Focus', 27 Quivering Portraits by Nerhol

23 July 2012 No Comments

Did you know that humanity simply can’t sit still? Even when you’re doing your best not to move a muscle, your blood continues to circulate causing the slightest wavering in your centre of balance. Fascinated by the impossibility of immobility, the Nerhol collective created a series of time-lapse portraits, a gentle reminder that our bodies keep changing every second of every day! [...]

The Independente Hostel & Suites in Lisbon, Portugal

Located in the center of the Bairro Alto and Principe Real districts of Lisbon, a 100-year-old residence has been transformed into the Independente Hostel & Suites, offering a fresh spin on the hostels of yesterday. [...]

The HIVE Apartment by ITN Architects in Melbourne, Australia

The Hive apartment in Melbourne designed by the architect Zvi Belling of ITN Architects is the first in a series of Hip Hop buildings. As an exciting introduction to a brave new design project, it is inspired by and celebrate graffiti art and urban culture.  [...]

Limited Edition Penfolds Ampoule; Strictly For Wine Lovers

Penfolds Ampoule is a piece of art and a tribute to the excellence of winemaking. This glass ampoule which stores some of the finest Australian wines was especially created by the best artisans and craftsmen of Southern Australia who joined forces in order to execute this inspirational project. [...]