Lununganga shelves

published in: Design By Costas Voyatzis, 10 June 2008

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design Julie Mathias in collaboration with Michael Cross
According to the designers, the piece is a response to the flooded, jungley environment they were suddenly thrown into when they went to work in Sri Lanka, and the culture shock they experienced. They wanted to take something of the feeling of the flooded environment home, a seed of the jungle to plant in your house which might invade it and take over. They took the image of partially submerged trees and translated it into shelves that have both the qualities of the overgrown lake that surrounded them and the quietness of European furniture.



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About WOKmedia

Julie Mathias and Wolfgang Kaeppner established WOKmedia in 2004. They are based in London with a production studio in Shanghai. WOKmedia’s work is primarily concerned with the emotional dimension, an archetypal memory or a physical sensation. Often they survey a state of in between where chaos is showing structure and confusion is beginning to make sense. Where out of devastation and destruction emerges a new world. A world imbedded in their childhood memories when emotions were not expected to be filtered, when make-believe was not equated with lunacy. WOKmedia’s work has been shown in national and international group shows and solo installations including the Design Museum London; the British Council’s lighting exhibition Twinkle, twinkle in Tokyo, Moscow and Istanbul; Great Brits: the New Alchemists, the second collaboration between the Design Museum, the British Council and Paul Smith for the Milan Furniture Fair in 2005; “Well Done” in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei; “My World” Part of the Lisbon Biennale “Experimenta”. Other work has been exhibited in Sheffield, Singapore, Amsterdam, Sydney and Melbourne, Vilnius, Oslo, Ljubljana, Miami, Athens and Shanghai.

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    mister pain | 2008-12-10 06:00:02

    Oh dear me. Where's the dreamcatcher? I appreciate the sources and inspiration, but the outcome reminds me unfavourably of hippie 'art' experiments done by housetrucking alternative lifestylers.

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