Chef Pierre Negrevergne meets Kossi Aguessy

published in: Design By Marcia Argyriades, 09 November 2009

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Image Courtesy of Kossi Aguessy, Pierre Negrevergne

Design has become an essential part of our everyday aesthetics that we seize the opportunity to view it and to advance it.  Such a perk up in design is the "2" Wine collection where French designer Kossi Aguessy   gives a new look to Chef Pierre Negreverne’s wine collection.

Chef Negrevergne created a wine collection that does not differ that much from his cuisine; “the wines are simple and go up to the purpose.” The links in his cuisine are based on herbs as agastache, mint, pistachio nut, Basil and vegetables.  The Chef clearly knows that the simpler a dish looks, the more complicated its elaboration is.  His wine breeding does not differ from the ideal dish; Negrevergne claims “at the origin, for the first collection, I stayed in the sobriety of the starting up for the second vintage I tried to create a wine of pleasure above all!  Power the taste of the fruit and a beautiful length in mouth.

Image Courtesy of Kossi Aguessy, Pierre Negrevergne

Chef Negrevergne commissioned Kossi Aguessy to design a bottle which will envelope this exceptional wine.  The bottle designed has simple lines and classic form, while it is elegant and the transparency of the bottle allows for one the five senses to be satisfied before the bottle is uncorked.  Furthermore, a case made of Makassar wood, cork and corian symbolizes the innovation and the creativity which Chef Negrevergne used to create his wines.  This sophisticated and avant-garde method of Negrevergne breeding the wines travelled Aguessy to a journey between the traditional and the future to only design a product that will stand-out; “a product to be”.

Image Courtesy of Kossi Aguessy, Pierre Negrevergne

Once more Kossi Aguessy (Yatzer interview, 10 August 2009) impresses us with the materials used to wrap the bottle; these materials create a contrast of the past and the future, the Parisian chic and wild Africa.  “The copper engraved anthracite corian dress opens to let see one skin in brown Makassar wood that hides it self a case of cork and the bottle.  The “2” Wine collection is surely one of the most exquisite and delicious concepts in every way French wine production created the last years.”
It is exceptional how Aguessy manages to bond traditional materials, such as the African brown Makassar wood with the corian and the modern form for a very traditional product such as wine.  But what is most striking of all is that “as a child of Africa” he never forgets his roots and many of his designs have African inspirations, hence taking his designs to a new level.

Image Courtesy of Kossi Aguessy, Pierre Negrevergne

Aguessy is a designer who was born in Togo, West Africa in 1977.  Design in Togo means little to most as they had and still have more important needs to satisfy although its economy is strongly based in agriculture.  Aguessy and his family left Togo in 1980 and first went to the United States, however, his travelling did not stop there as he moved to London where he attended Central St. Martins and pursed his Bachelor in Arts.  Upon graduation he left again from London and travelled to Brazil his mother’s birthplace and ended settling in Paris, France in 1998.  The travelling experience and the cross cultural movement from one ethnic background to another has created and greatly influenced Aguessy to what he is today.  Aguessy describes himself as a “child of Africa that pays no attention to the boundaries being then the son of a global education with deep multicultural roots.”  More details about Kossi Aguessy can be found at his exclusive Yatzer interview on 10 August 2009


The ingredients were four vines in red: Syra, Merlot, Small Verdot, Cadornet Sauvignard and two vines in white: Viagner and Sauvignon.  It is in these words that the Cuisine Chef Pierre Negrevergne defines this "collection" of wines which the wine grower would describe as "An audacious vintage, with a unique assemblage."  The result after six months of breeding was a vintage guard wine that mixes the aromas of raspberry, cherries and the depth of the cinnamon.  A rich wine with fine tannins.  The white stemming from the assembly Pierre Negrevergne also plays the exception, collecting the structure of Viagnier and the freshness of Sauvignon.  A Wine created as a crossroad between regions and flavors.
The "2 Wine Collection" is exclusively available at LA TERRASSE MIRABEAU // PIERRE NEGREVERGNE
5, place de Barcelone .75016 Paris // Tél. : +33 1 42 24 41 51


Kossi Aguessy, Pierre Negrevergne

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    Stylight | 2009-11-09 16:41:10

    I love this "feminine" design. Next time I am in Paris, I will look for it. Sty

  • friend
    Sam Well | 2009-11-12 15:33:27

    Nice design. I come from Bordeaux, and I'm sure that we'll love it. Perhaps a mistake in the first image: the wine doesn't move.

  • friend
    Marco | 2009-11-12 15:48:08

    Dear Sam, the wine doesn't move..... because it contains a magic wine!!

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